Ask Me Another for Friday, August 16, 2013

Hahd-Cawr Pun

We kick off our show with a game dedicated to the stereotypical Boston dialect--you know, the one that tells you to "Pahk your cah in Hahvahd Yahd"? Host Ophira Eisenberg has a little punny fun with phrases and names that take on whole new meanings when you drop the "r's" in certain words.

'Plus One' With Wesley Morris

In this game, Jonathan Coulton pits Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic Wesley Morris against a fellow cinephile. They must add "1" to a numerical movie title to create its fictitious sequel. For instance, Hugh Grant and Andie McDowell try to recapture their magic in Five Weddings and Two Funerals.

Name Brand Names

It may take a lifetime to develop your fashion sense, but only a few trendsetters can boast clothing items actually named in their honor. Puzzle Guru Art Chung asks contestants about couture that carries the name of its inventor or inspiration.

'Product Placement' With Lois Lowry

Hear young adult author Lois Lowry talk about the 10,000 letters that convinced her to write three sequels to The Giver. Plus, she plays a trivia game that mashes up the titles of famous literary works with the names of household products and companies.

I Left My Heart In Boston

Jonathan Coulton is wicked stoked to pay tribute to Boston in the best way he knows how: by substituting the names of Boston neighborhoods into the lyrics of well-known songs about other cities. Can you name the original towns? Or do you prefer a "Roslindale State of Mind"?

Barney Frank: The Comedian's Politician

This week's Very Important Puzzler talks about his political family, his accomplishments in Congress and the role of comedy in politics. Plus, we challenge him to identify the speaker of some notable quotes: Was it Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, rapper Kanye West ... or Barney Frank?

Banned In Boston

To close our Boston road show, play along as the final five contestants play a game comprised of words, phrases and names that begin with the letters B-A-N.
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