Ask Me Another for Friday, August 23, 2013

Flip It And Reverse It

Missy Elliott's song " Work it" commands us to "flip it and reverse it," a principle which could also be applied to movie, book and TV show titles. In this game, host Ophira Eisenberg describes a re-imagined pop culture premise, and you must flip and reverse the order of the words in its title.

Ted Talks

The TED Conference lectures are both educational and long. This quiz is neither of those things. House musician Jonathan Coulton pays homage to some famous "Teds" throughout history; all you need to do is fill in the last name.

Do You Believe In Something?

We might not believe in unicorns or sparkling vampires, but we do believe in house musician Jonathan Coulton. He's rewritten the lyrics to the Lovin' Spoonful song, "Do You Believe in Magic?" to be about creatures of the supernatural and fantastical variety. (However: Nessie, we know you're out there.)

Foodie Can't Fail

What do Honeycrisp, Gala, and McIntosh have in common? They're all types of apples. Whether or not you consider yourself a "foodie," if you like to eat, this game will make your mouth water. Host Ophira Eisenberg lists three varieties of a type of food, and contestants must identify the delectable edible.


A particular tech company has reclaimed the letter "i" by turning it into a prefix — you know the one. But in this game, puzzle guru Art Chung sends poor "i" to the ends of words, by quizzing contestants on irregular plurals, like "octopi."

Julie Klausner: The Pop Culture Maven

Hear the Media Ambassador for talk about what we can learn from The Real Housewives reality show series, and her podcast, "How Was Your Week." Plus, in an Ask Me Another challenge, the comedian takes on a quiz about the beloved boy band, The Monkees.

Academy Award Thesaurus

If the directors of Academy Award-winning films used a thesaurus, their movie titles might sound a little snootier. For instance, The Monarch's Soliloquy could be a fancier name for the already-fancy film The King's Speech. In this final round, puzzle guru Art Chung retitles other Oscar Best Picture winners with some five-dollar words.
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