Ask Me Another for Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mind In The Guttural

Get ready to give your mind and your mouth a workout. In this game led by host Ophira Eisenberg, all the answers have a guttural "ch" sound in them. For instance, the painter that had an eye for sunflowers but cut off his left earlobe is Vincent Van Gogh.

All In The Cards

You don't need to be a master of five card stud or Texas hold 'em to handle this game led by host Ophira Eisenberg. Each answer will be the name of a card game. For example, a metal stick you might use to tend to a fireplace is a "poker."

Charming Old Moviehouse

Ever wonder what happened to the spacious New York City apartment the cast of Friends lived in after the show went off the air? It went on the market! Host Ophira Eisenberg gives you the real estate listing for well-known fictional houses and apartments, and you must identify the film or TV show that featured that residence.

Down With 'O.P.P.'

We won't tell you what Naughty by Nature was talking about in their 1991 hit "O.P.P.," but that won't stop us from putting our own spin on the three letters. Each answer in this game led host Ophira Eisenberg features the letters "o," "p" and "p" in consecutive order. For instance, the flame-broiled signature sandwich of Burger King is "The Whopper."

Peter Sagal: Very Important Puzzler

Teaser To Come

Mister-y Men

In this final round, puzzle guru Art Chung gives descriptions of fictional men who go by "Mr." and you must identify their surnames. For example, the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant on The Simpsons is Mr. Burns.
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