Ask Me Another for Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kurt Andersen: Literary Romantic

The host of WNYC's Studio 360 is a prolific writer, reader and cultural critic. He joined Ask Me Another at Central Park's SummerStage to reveal the key to a successful celebrity interview, and to play a trivia round about famous literary couples against a worthy opponent: his wife.

They're Not Booing

When Bruce Springsteen plays a concert, his fans aren't booing--they're yelling "Bruuuuuce!" With that in mind, host Ophira Eisenberg leads a game in which all the answers contain a long "ooo" sound. And since this round was recorded at Central Park's SummerStage, we ask that contestants give their responses with a little ooomph.

Songs Of The Summer

Every summer, there is at least one song so catchy and so ubiquitous, that it is deemed the Song of the Summer. Our V.I.P. musical guest, singer-songwriter Nellie McKay, joins house musician Jonathan Coulton to croon, rap and duet through some earworms of summers past, and contestants must name the tunes.

David Wain: Notes On Camp

The filmmaker responsible for the cult classic comedy Wet Hot American Summer joined us in Central Park to offer an update for the film's much-rumored prequel, and play a game about famous movie scenes set in New York City.

Ants Marching

No summer is complete without a picnic, just as no picnic is completed without a few little annoyances: sunburn, spilled wine or ants. Ants! (Shakes fist.) This game, led by house musician Jonathan Coulton, imagines some heightened picnic scenarios, all of which are clues to words that end with the letters "-ant."

B.J. Novak: Life After 'The Office'

Fresh off the ninth and final season of NBC's The Office, the actor and writer is keeping busy. We subject him to a trivia game based on Shakespeare's Hamlet, and he tells a story about the time he played board games with Michael Jackson.

Five By Five, With Will Shortz

With New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz as our V.I.P. Puzzle Guru, we knew he'd come up with a doozy of a final round. So when the last two standing turn out to be Studio 360 host Kurt Andersen and Wet Hot American Summer filmmaker David Wain, this anagram showdown gets even more heated.
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