Ask Me Another for Thursday, November 7, 2013

Spoiler Alert

With the Internet, it can be hard to avoid people talking about key plot points of movies or TV programs that you haven't seen yet. In this game, we're going to spoil some movies by asking you to identify them based on the very last lines spoken in the film.

Put A Bjork In It

Yes, we're talking about the quirky Icelandic singer Björk, but you don't need to know anything about her. Jonathan Coulton delivers clues to words, phrases, and proper names into which you must cleverly insert "Björk." For example, a small dog that was bred to catch rats is a "Björkshire terrier."

The Meow Mix

Cats! We can't get enough of their cute, fuzzy faces and fickle personalities. Neither can musicians, apparently. In this game, Jonathan Coulton delivers some musical clues to songs that have cats in their title, or were performed by musical acts with a feline name.

As Easy As B-C-D

Host Ophira Eisenberg leads this game in which every correct answer will begin with a string of three consecutive letters of the alphabet, like "d-e-f," or "h-I-j."

Paul Feig: Le Geek, C'est Chic

The director of Bridesmaids and The Heat shares his ongoing campaign to put more funny women on movie screens. And as the creator of the beloved show Freaks and Geeks, Feig is not without his own geeky beginnings, and reveals his past as a child magician.

First Name Basis

We live in an informal society — no one's introduced as Mr. Coulton or Ms. Eisenberg anymore. In this game, host Ophira Eisenberg talks about celebrities on a first name basis, and asks contestants to give her the full name of a famous person by combining the first names of two other famous people.

The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth

For some, Freaks and Geeks is a cultural touchstone. Not only because it so perfectly captured the pains and joys of adolescence, but also because its young cast would go on to do amazing things. We quiz the show's creator, Paul Feig, about what everyone in the cast has been up to since the show.

Our Magnum Opus

In this Ask Me Another final round, puzzle guru Art Chung quizzes the remaining contestants on phrases and proper nouns that contain the name of a musical instrument. For example, a narrow type of stemware that you might drink your Dom Perignon out of is a "champagne flute."
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