Ask Me Another for Thursday, November 14, 2013

We Hates Bagginses

Gollum, the slimy creature from The Lord of the Rings, seems to have a lot of grammar problems. He also seems to hate a lot of things--especially irregular plurals. In this game, led by host Ophira Eisenberg, all of the answers are nouns whose singular and plural forms are the same. Contestants must answer by channeling the voice of Gollum.

What Month Is It Anyway?

Thirty days hath September, April, June and November. But you'll need more than a mnemonic rhyme to ace this quiz led by house musician Jonathan Coulton, in which all of the answers are one of the 12 calendar months.

Justin Long: The Impression That You Get

Once we discovered that our V.I.P., actor Justin Long, had a knack for celebrity impersonations, we had to hear them. So we put Long to work reading famous movie lines in the voices of actors Michael J. Fox, Sam Rockwell, Woody Allen and more. Plus, Jonathan Coulton performs a cover of Lionel Richie's "All Night Long." Yeah, we went there.

Common Denominators

What do Wiffle balls, bad alibis, donuts and bagels have in common? If you said they are things with holes in them, then you'll enjoy playing this game, in which house musician Jonathan Coulton asks contestants to name the common denominator in a list of four words.

The Disney Wrongbook

The song "Can You Feel The Love Tonight," from The Lion King may be about Simba and Nalas' feelings for each other. But when house musician Jonathan Coulton gets his hands on it, he just might turn it into a tribute to The Price is Right. In this game, Coulton performs renditions of Disney tunes with the lyrics rewritten to be about very non-Disney things.

Knock On Woody

Actor Justin Long told us he admires the work of Woody Allen, but we wanted to see just how much he knows about the man born Allen Stewart Konigsberg. In this Ask Me Another Challenge, host Ophira Eisenberg quizzes Long on all things Woody, from the films he's directed to the instrument he plays. (Hint: It's a woodwind.)


You're going to need a bigger boat for this final round led by puzzle guru John Chaneski. Every answer is a word, phrase or proper noun that contains the name of a body of water or waterway.
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