Ask Me Another for Thursday, November 28, 2013

Breaking It Down

To mark the final season of the TV show Breaking Bad, we've based this game on its opening credits, in which elemental symbols for Bromine (Br) and Barium (Ba) help spell the show's title. House musician Jonathan Coulton asks contestants to spell words using more symbols from the Periodic Table.

Generically Speaking

When you hear the phrase, "I need a Band-Aid immediately!" is your instinct to reply, "Actually, it's called an 'adhesive bandage,' Band-Aid is a brand'? Host Ophira Eisenberg offers the generic name and description of a particular product, and you must name the specific trademarked name that commonly describes it.

Algebraic Music

Don't freak out, but this game combines one part name-that-tune, one part doing-math-in-your-head, and a dash of The Proclaimers. We've replaced the numbers in pop song lyrics with algebraic expressions, and contestants must solve for 'x.'

Real Housewives Of Greek Mythology

What's your favorite franchise of Bravo's Real Housewives, Atlanta or New Jersey? How about The Acropolis? In this game, host Ophira Eisenberg stirs up the celestial domestic drama by performing imagined on-camera quotes from female Greek mythological figures. Can you guess the goddess?

Hollywood Formulas

If there's actually a secret Hollywood movie formula, we want to see the proof. In a game that will take you right back to your beloved high school algebra and geometry classes, host Ophira Eisenberg asks contestants to combine the titles of well-known movies with mathematical terms.

Steven Strogatz: The Joy Of 'X'

Hear the Cornell University Professor of Applied Mathematics talk about the importance of learning math, as well as his new book, The Joy of X. Plus, the math whiz takes on a quiz inspired by the game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon."

I'm No Doctor

Careful, this game might raise your blood pressure. In this Ask Me One More final round led by puzzle guru John Chaneski, contestants must identify fake doctors--and by that we mean notable people and fictional characters who have the initials "M.D."
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