Ask Me Another for Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit

In keeping with the title of this game, we'll keep this explanation short. All the answers in this game will be two-letter words. That's it!

Indigenous Diligence

If Neapolitans are people from Naples, where do Sconnies come from? This game, led by house musician Jonathan Coulton, is all about demonyms — words that describe a person who hails from a particular geographic location.

Random Questions With: Jonathan Adler

You may have seen designer Jonathan Adler's home furnishings in the interiors of discerning homeowners — but just how does he come up those eye-catching creations? Adler joined Ask Me Another to chat about his career as a potter and where he finds inspiration to make his colorful, joyous creations.

Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me What To Do

What's the name of that Andrew Lloyd Webber song..."Don't Drink That Blue Margarita," right? Ok, so we're going to need your help identifying the correct title of songs that start with the word "don't."

Homophones To Phone Home About

What would you call a type of neck-wear worn while participating in a form of exercise founded by Billy Blanks? A "Tae Bo-bow tie"! In this game, host Ophira Eisenberg offers clues to phrases or compound words that change meaning when the words are reversed.

Happy Geek Colors

Host Ophira Eisenberg puts designer Jonathan Adler in the puzzle hot seat for a quiz all about how certain colors got their name. Does the guy who coined the word "chambeige" know which color is named after a desert-dwelling animal that also gives its hair to make overcoats? Find out.

Colorful Names

What do Vanna White, James Brown, and Ron Burgundy have in common? In this final round, puzzle guru Art Chung asks you to identify famous people or fictional characters who has a color in their name.
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