Ask Me Another for Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Answer Lies Within

It's any quiz show contestant's dream come true. In this game, we're going to give you all the answers. Yes, we're serious. Listen as host Ophira Eisenberg gives our contestants clues to answers that are contained within the questions themselves. But be careful: it's not as easy as it sounds!

Mime Time

Brother, can you spare a mime? No, it's not pledge drive season yet. In this game, house musician Jonathan Coulton asks our contestants to put on their pun hats (berets, naturally) and answer clues with clever puns that include the word "mime". Cue the groans!

Random Questions With: Delia Ephron

When it comes to dealing with potentially tricky family situations, our V.I.P. knows best. The author of Sister Mother Husband Dog comes from a large family of writers and knows which situations require diplomacy, and which call for more "creative" solutions.

Presidential Monster Hunter

Did you see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? Well, Honest Abe wasn't the only Commander-in-Chief to fight the supernatural. In this game, we ask you to imagine other films that might depict presidents and the mythological creatures they fought, like George Washington: Dinosaur Hunter. Who knew that the father of our country was fighting T. Rex as well as Rex Anglie (The King of England)?

Delia Ephron: Tag Line, You're It!

Ephron is no stranger to romantic comedies, having written and produced the likes of You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle alongside her sister Nora. She discusses her path from a "Girl Friday" to following in the family writing footsteps, and her recent visit to the pet psychic. Then she falls head over heels for our quiz on rom-com tag lines.

That's A-L-L, Folks

To wrap up the show, puzzle guru Greg Pliska asks our finalists to give it their "a-l-l," and think up answers that contain those letters in consecutive order. Unlike Porky Pig, however, contestants have to reach deep into their trivia brains to make sure they don't come up with any fa-l-lacies!
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