Ask Me Another for Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oscar Winners

No cutoff music here: take your time while you identify fictional and factual "Oscars" based on the speeches they might give if they won Academy Awards.

All Answers Are Alliterative

Fee, fi, fo, fum! We smell a word game... in this one, you'd better bend your brain to come up with answers that are all three- or four-word alliterative phrases.

Weird Almanac Facts

Did you know that the average American ate 11 times as many avocados in 2011 than in 1970? V.I.P. Sarah Janssen, editor of The 2014 World Almanac, helps lead this game about strange-but-true facts.

A Family Affair

Snap your fingers as Jonathan Coulton performs the The Addams Family theme with the lyrics rewritten to be about other families, both real and fictional. Your job? Tell us what clan we're describing.

Product Placement IV

What if companies put their products in the titles of films? In this game, combine the names of famous brands and movies to imagine the resulting product placement, like "Some Like It Hot Pockets."

Sarah Janssen: It's In The Book

Does The World Almanac include a list of the worst national flags? We wish! Play along as Ophira Eisenberg asks the book's editor whether a given article is in the almanac, or if we just made it up.

Keep It Country

We're going around the world for this game, in which every answer contains the name of a country. Puzzle guru John Chaneski stumps our contestants in the shortest Ask Me Another final round ever.
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