Ask Me Another for Wednesday, March 5, 2014

There's An Apt For That

An "aptronym" is a word that refers to a person's name that happens to suit her job or characteristics. In this game, host Ophira Eisenberg asks contestants about people both real and fictional whose last names are aptly suited to their professions.

This, That Or The Other V

Soprano, soprano, or spaghetti? It's another edition of our favorite game. House musician Jonathan Coulton names an item in his best Italian accent, and you have to put it into one of three categories: a type of pasta, a title of an opera, or a character on The Sopranos. Bellissimo!


House musician Jonathan Coulton sings popular songs about travel--although he's replaced the method of transportation in the song with a different, more whimsical, type of vehicle. Can you name the original?

Get Me Rewrite

In this game, host Ophira Eisenberg changes the titles of some well-known movies by exactly one letter, and reworks their plots to suit.

Lizz Winstead: The Dictionary From A To Lizz

The co-creator of The Daily Show explains how the idea for a fake news show came to her during a disastrous blind date. Plus, this bonafide word nerd shares some party games of her own creation.

Natalie Portmantoast

Very Important Puzzler Lizz Winstead is a huge fan of the "portmanteau," a word formed by combining two other words. In this game, Lizz joins host Ophira Eisenberg to prompt contestants to make their own portmanteaus by combining a famous person's name with a food item.

Minnesotans We Have Known

Very Important Puzzler Lizz Winstead, a Minneapolis native, proves her fierce hometown pride in an Ask Me Another Challenge about famous people from her home state.

Two Bee Or Not Two Bee

Two "b" or not two "b"? That is the question in this Ask Me One More final round. Verily, we've chosen the former. Puzzle guru Will Hines asks contestants to name people and things with two "b's" as initials.
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