Ask Me Another for Thursday, March 20, 2014

Literal TV Guide

Lots of TV shows have self-explanatory titles, like Girls and Friends. But what the heck does host Ophira Eisenberg mean when she asks you what show "3,600 Seconds" might be? 60 Minutes, of course!

Fonzie Scheme

Put on your leather jacket and get ready to playyy along as contestants put a Fonzie--that's Arthur Fonzarelli of TV's Happy Days--spin on some other words that end in the sound "ayyy."

Nathan Sawaya: Another Brick In The Wall

Learn obscure LEGO trivia from the corporate lawyer-turned-artist, who now boasts owning over 4 million bricks. The largest LEGO structure ever built weighed 46,000 pounds, and was a model of...what?

The Something Man

Sing us a song, you're the Spider-Man...wait, what? In this game, our very own music man Jonathan Coulton performs alternate renditions of songs about all different kinds of men.

Every End is a New Beginning

House musician Jonathan Coulton asks contestants to name words that complete two common phrases, as the last word of one phrase and the first of the other, like "log cabin" and "cabin fever."

Nathan Sawaya: Lego My Van Gogh

Using only LEGO bricks and his imagination, Sawaya has recreated some of the world's most famous art, like American Gothic and Starry Night. We quiz him on facts about the original masterpieces.

Winter Weather

Puzzle guru Art Chung helps our contestants cool off in this Ask Me Another final round, in which all the answers contain the word "frost," "ice," or "snow." Bundle up, it's getting chilly in here!
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