Ask Me Another for Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jingle All the Way

You've probably heard the jingles for products like Kit Kat and McDonald's hundreds of times. But can you recognize them when Jonathan Coulton sings them — in Italian? Buona fortuna!

Animal Logic

Some animals are named after other animals, which makes no sense. This game asks you to to defy logic and remember the names of creatures like "elephant seal," whose names are two animals in one.
Hear how the comic and actor (Broad City) moved to New York and landed writing gigs on SNL and 30 Rock. Plus, Buress leads a game in which all the answers are terrible puns on the name "Shaq."

We Are the Champions

It's often said that winners write history. Well, they also helped us write this game. We'll give you four major award winners—your job? Tell us the name of the prize they share.

Fruity Films

The films A Clockwork Orange and 50 First Dates don't have much in common, except in the world of Ask Me Another. Go bananas in this game and think up films whose titles contain the name of a fruit.

Hannibal Buress: It's A Rap

As part of his act, Buress performs his own "Gibberish Rap," but he's also an expert on hip-hop. He plays this game with our contestant, describing songs without using their titles.

The Internets

Admit it, you spend too much time on the Internet. Never fear— all that procrastination should pay off in this final round, in which every answer features the letters "N-E-T" in consecutive order.
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