Ask Me Another for Thursday, July 10, 2014

He's Back

Throw on your shades and leather jacket to honor the iconic Terminator quote, "I'll be back," by using other words that rhyme with "back." Are you a large mammal related to an ox? "I"ll be yak."

Something Special In The Air

What does the painting American Gothic and a "continental" breakfast have in common? They both contain names of airlines. Grab your boarding pass and get ready for take-off in this quiz.

Nice Outfit

We're not sure if Prince would be into a girl wearing a "Raspberry Foulard." In this game, we've replaced songs featuring articles of clothing and accessories with more hilarious ones.

Reverse The Irreversible

Get ready to roll and rock: in this game, switch the order of paired words that always appear in a certain sequence. We give you the second part; you give us the first: the bees and the...?

The Soundgarden Of Music

We mashed up popular musicians with the names of Broadway shows to create a can't-miss theatre lineup. Look out for the show about a rap artist who meets a girl named Maria: Kanye West Side Story.

Doug Liman: Action Speaks Louder

The Edge of Tomorrow director shares his rule-breaking ways, from treating his summer blockbuster films like film school projects to "killing" Tom Cruise on the big screen.

The Body Eclectic

Make no bones about it, this final round is body-licious! The answer to every clue contains the name of a body part. Who will prove themselves head and shoulders above the rest?
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