Ask Me Another for Thursday, July 31, 2014

Can't Place The Place Name

Fame knows no geographic bounds in this game about celebrity-city name mashups. In what Florida city does the singer of "Nasty" hang out? That's "Janet Jacksonville."

It's Eezy

We're spotlighting both the most common and least common English letters in this game — E and Z. Every clue points to a word or phrase containing "E-E-Z" spelled consecutively. Easy!

John U. Bacon: Old MacDonald Went To College

A sportswriter and a former Michigan Wolverines football player imagine the college days of a nursery rhyme farmer in this quiz about animal mascots and the noises they make.

Can I Kick It? No, You Can't

Listen, we're not your parents. We're not about to tell you what you can and can't do. Besides, the songs in this game, all of which contain the word "can't" in the title, take care of that for us.

Movie Math

If Pythagoras were alive today, we think he'd be a movie buff. Multiply your film knowledge by your math skills in this quiz that asks you to perform computations with the numbers in movie titles.

Luke Song: Hat's Entertainment!

The milliner famous for designing Aretha Franklin's 2009 Inauguration chapeau plays a game about real people and fictional characters with iconic headgear.


Don't get too annoyed with this final round. Like "annoyed," every answer contains the consecutive letters "A-N-N" somewhere within it. This game separates the canniest from the wannabes.
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