Ask Me Another

Ask me Another blends brainteasers and local pub trivia night with comedy and music played in front of a live audience. The show is a co-production of NPR and WNYC.

Recent Episodes

Curtis Sittenfeld: Fifty Shades Of Jane (R)

This week, Ask Me Another travels to St. Louis to speak with Prep author Curtis Sittenfeld about her Laura Bush obsession and the similarities between Pride and Prejudice and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Wyatt Cenac: Pop Culture Fights

The comedian talks about his love of puppets and the challenge of releasing his latest album, Furry Dumb Fighter, on vinyl. Plus, Viceland's Hailey Gates reflects on fashion weeks in unlikely places.

Aasif Mandvi: Smooth Criminal (R)

The Daily Show's senior Muslim correspondent Aasif Mandvi discusses what it means to be a satirist of color on TV, and then moonwalks his way through a trivia game about the King of Pop.

Sutton Foster: Really, Anything Goes (R)

Broadway star Sutton Foster talks about losing Star Search, winning two Tonys, and playing a 40-year-old pretending to be a 26-year-old on TV. Plus, variations on the titular song from Anything Goes!