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Kurdish Lawyer Killed in Turkey

Gunmen shoot Kurdish lawyer dead at a rally in Diyarbakir; Three people killed in an attack on a UN base in Mali; Could new data uncover the secret of Nefertiti's hidden tomb?

(Photo: Kurdish lawyer Tahir Elci speaks during a gathering in Diyarbakir prior to his assassination. Credit; AFP / Ilyas Akenginilyas Akengin / AFP / Getty Images)

Russia and Turkey Rachet up Tension

Turkish president says Russia's playing with fire; the northern lights go south and the southern lights go north; Adele album breaks sales records

(Photo: A Turkish protester sets fire to a poster of Russian President Putin. Credit: AP)

France's Strategy on Syria

French FM says they could work with Syrian government forces after a political transition; Saudi women standing in local elections; Test cricket tries day/night matches

(Photo: French fighter jets Credit: Reuters)

Hollande and Putin Reach Syria Deal

Syria strategy reached in Moscow; 'Renting' graves in Greece; Fabricated rhino horn.

(Photo: French President Francois Hollande and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Credit: Reuters)

Child Marriage in Africa

Child brides speak out; Russia-Turkey history of tensions; Hilary Swank's idol

(Photo: Girls at school in Ivory Coast Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Russia-Turkey Fighter Jet Row

Russia-Turkey plane spat; Brussels lockdown lifted; will 2015 be hottest year on record?

Picture shows a Russian fighter jet similar to the one shot down by Turkey on 24th November 2015. (Credit: BBC)