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Political Turmoil in UK After Brexit Vote

Resignation day for Prime Minister David Cameron; Independence day for his opponents; Former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan: "Britain will be diminished by this;" Call for further political change in Northern Ireland

(Photo: Front pages of British newspapers; Credit: AFP / Getty Images)

Colombian Ceasefire Signed

Colombian government and FARC rebels sign peace deal; Qawwali singer Amjad Sabri mourned; endangered Chicken Frog breeding programme

Photo: Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos Credit: Adalberto Roque AFP/Getty Images

A Step Towards Peace in Colombia

Colombia and Farc rebels reach ceasefire agreement; gun protest in US Congress; apology after Japan porn coercion claims

(Photo: Graffiti reading 'Peace for the people' in Cali, Colombia Credit: Getty Images)

Is Colombia's 50-Year War Ending?

Ceasefire agreement in Colombia; Syria rescuers' tribute; McIlroy pulls out of Rio

Photo: Graffiti with the sentence "Peace is ours" in Bogota. Credit: Guillermo Legaria, AFP/Getty Images

Final day of campaigning in the EU referendum

How do Europeans view the UK EU referendum? Indian satellite launch, Irish football fans charm the world in Euro 16.

(Picture: EU Rally in Manchester Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty)