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Greece denied bail-out extension

Eurogroup creditors refuse to extend Greece bail-out programme beyond 30 January, when Athens is due to repay the IMF $1.7bn; Planeloads of shocked tourists have been flying out of Tunisia after the beach resort massacre which left at least 38 people dead; The work of the 20th Century artist, M.C. Escher, is being celebrated in an exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Art

Tunisia hotel attack

Tourists killed by gunmen in Tunisia; attack on factory in France; endangered lemurs

Terror rampage

A day of global terror; gay marriage legalised across US; Greece rejects bailout extension

Islamic State attack Kobane

A Kobane resident flees to Turkish border; Greece talks; Should men freeze their sperm?

Greek debt deadline

No deal yet in Greek debt crisis; South African police criticised for Marikana mine shootings; a bid to save the rare Ploughshare tortoise in Madagascar

(Photo: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras with other EU heads of government Credit: EPA)

Netherlands ordered to cut emissions

In a world first a Dutch court has ordered the government to cut greenhouse emissions by 25% by 2020; French anger at alleged US spying on senior government ministers; Are racehorses getting faster?

(Pic: AP)