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Greeks back to polls

6 years and 5 elections; Jackie Collins 'lived life with a wink'; Japan is 'stunned'

Syriza Wins Greek Elections

Alexis Tsipras claims victory as Syriza wins Greek elections, but his party falls short of an overall majority; Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson says Islam is inconsistent with the US constitution; When Francis met Fidel: the Pope meets Cuba's former revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.

Croatia 'forces' migrants on Hungary

Migrants are bused by Croatia to Hungary border, Hungary then sends them to Austria; Pope Francis starts his visit to Cuba; The historian Simon Schama paints a picture of Britain through it's portraits

(Photo: AP)

US Calls for Renewed Syria Negotiations

The US Secretary of State John Kerry calls for renewed Syria talks; The Pope arrives in Cuba on his first official visit to the country; Japan cause a major upset as they beat South Africa at the Rubgy World Cup.

(Photo Credit: Reuters)