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Beirut protests turn violent

Demand for Lebanese PM to resign after violence at uncollected rubbish protests; Usain Bolt defends World 100m title; Azar Nafisi on a novel about Iran's paranoia about Britain

Belgium Train Attack

Obama and Hollande praise US off-duty soldiers for overpowering gunman on Paris-bound train; Santa Claus faces bankrupcy in Finland; Kabul explosion.

Photo: REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol

US soldier's officer offers praise

Commander of National Guardsman says combat experience helped him tackle gunman; Norwegian ship rescues hundreds of migrants; Vintage plane crashes onto busy road at air show

The struggle for power in Libya

Libya's FM says compatriots must unite to fight ISIS; Howard Dean on being an insurgent political candidate; has a Nazi train of gold

been found in Poland?

(Photo: Libyan troops in Benghazi Credit: Getty Images/AFP)

Migrants rush Macedonian border

Chaos on the Greek border with Macedonia; Libyan FM asks for assistance; first female US army rangers.