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Recent Episodes

Tata Steel to Leave UK

World steel industry in trouble with Indian firm to sell its UK plants; France drops plan to strip citizenship from convicted terrorists; How reliable is embryo sampling?

Photo: Part of the Tata Steel steel plant at Port Talbot, south Wales. Credit: AFP/Paul Ellispaul Ellis/Getty Images

Beleaguered: Brazil's Dilma Rousseff

The largest party in the governing coalition withdraws its support for the Brazillian government; El Al pilot - possibly the only pilot - to foil a hijacking in mid-air; Should the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra be restored?

(Picture: President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Egypt Air Hijacking

Hijacked airplane lands in Cyprus and the incident ends peacefully; FBI unlocks iPhone and drops case against Apple; Russian Facebook fame in the most unexpected places.

(Photo: A man climbs out of the cockpit window of the hijacked Egyptair Airbus A320 at Larnaca Airport, Cyprus. Credit: Reuters/Yiannis Kourtoglou)

Shooting at US Capitol Building

Washington gunman arrested; Sharif promises Lahore revenge; Boxing's latest controversy

(Photo: An armed policeman stands guard in Washington. Credit: EPA)

Lahore Mourns

Testimony and analysis from Pakistan after a suicide bomb targeted Christians on Easter; Assessing the damage in Palmyra after Islamic State routed; 12,000 year old ice age puppy discovered in the far northeast of Russia.

(Photo: A Pakistani Christian family mourn the death of a relative was killed in the Lahore bomb attack. Credit: AP/K.M. Chaudary)

Deadly Explosion at Lahore Park in Pakistan

Suicide bomber targets Christians; Al Jazeera job cuts; restoring agriculture in Syria.

Photograph shows relatives of the victims of a suicide bomb blast cry outside a hospital in Lahore, Pakistan. (Credit: European Photopress Agency)