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US Calls for Renewed Syria Negotiations

The US Secretary of State John Kerry calls for renewed Syria talks; The Pope arrives in Cuba on his first official visit to the country; Japan cause a major upset as they beat South Africa at the Rubgy World Cup.

(Photo Credit: Reuters)

Croatia Closes Most Border Crossings

Croatia says huge refugee influx has forced its hand, Fiji's big chance of a rugby victory, Apple ad-blockers.

(Photo: Refugees walk along the road carrying their belongings, some with children. Credit: AFP/Getty images)

The Story of a Syrian Pianist

The piano-playing symbol of defiance in the midst of the Syrian war talks about becoming a Europe-bound refugee; US and Russian defence ministers hold their first talks for more than a year; Snapping the starry, starry night: what makes a successful astrophotographer?

(Photo Credit: Getty)

UK Terror Threat

UK counter-espionage chief Andrew Parker says terror threat 'highest since 9/11'; good news on malaria prevention; author Mark Haddon on the art of the short story and letting go of the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.

Picture shows Andrew Parker with the BBC's Mishal Husain. (Credit: BBC)

American interest rates

US Fed interest rates unchanged; Texas 'clock boy' father; robots for Japan's pensioners

UN Report on Sri Lanka's Civil War

A new UN report proposes to set up a special court to look at atrocities committed during Sri Lanka's civil war; David Attenborough on ambitious plans to halt climate change; How important is it for potential world leaders to sing their country's national anthem?

(Photo Credit: AFP Photo/Sri Lankan Defence Ministry)