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Scores Killed in Nice Bastille Day Attack

A lorry ploughs through crowds in the south of France killing more than 80 people.

Pciture: A crime scene investigator works on the truck which crashed into the crowd during the Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, France, 15 July 2016. Picture: EPA/IAN LANGSDON

US Policy Shift on Syria

A leaked memo points to a US change in dealing with IS; Farce in the Tour de France on Mont Ventoux; Do comedians die younger?

(Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with US Secretary of State John Kerry in the Kremlin Credit: AFP / Getty)

Boris Johnson, Britain's New Foreign Secretary

Theresa May firms up cabinet appointments; Hungary migrants; Bowie's art collection

Picture: Newly appointed Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson addresses staff inside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in central London on July 14, 2016. Credit: ANDREW MATTHEWS/AFP/Getty Images

Theresa May, Britain's New Prime Minister

The new British Prime Minister, Theresa May, appoints her cabinet and plans for Brexit; the legacy of outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron.

(Picture: British Prime Minster Theresa May speaks outside Number 10 Downing Street. Credit: Getty Images)

PM David Cameron's Parliamentary Farewell

Cameron's final Prime Minister's Questions; Beijing's South China Sea warning; UN's new TV debates

(Photo: David Cameron in the British House of Commons Credit: AFP

Dallas Police Memorial Service

Obama honours officers; Sanders endorses Clinton; Zimbabwe protest leader arrested; Google sheepep