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Greece 'heading for a deal'?

New Greek debt proposals ahead of key meeting; Charleston church reopens after deadly shooting; Solstice in the Arctic and Antarctic

(Photo: REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis)

South Carolina & forgiveness

Can forgiveness heal South Carolina? Lying kids have better memory; Richter's sleep music.


Yemen suicide attacks and failed peace talks

Who is behind the suicide bombings in Yemen's capital Sanaa? Mali's government and Tuareg rebels have signed a peace deal; Scientists suggest mankind is creating mass extinction

Fighting radicalisation

The UK prime minister David Cameron has urged Muslims to do more to counter radicalisation; a robot with emotions; is the US Confederate flag a racist relic?

(Photo: Islamic State / Salah al-Din Province)

Dylann Roof appears in Charleston court

Charleston relatives speak to Dylann Roof of their pain and forgiveness; Can Russia help Greece? Why Iranian women can't watch mens' volleyball

(Photo credit: Centralized Bond Hearing Court of Charleston SC via AP)

Nine killed at historic African American church

Attack at Charleston church - shooter still at large; remembering the Battle of Waterloo 200 years later; the parenting secrets of nightingale song

(Photo credit: AP Photo/David Goldman)