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Thai Bombing Suspect Video

CCTV footage released of Bangkok bombing suspect; reaction to nuclear deal inside Iran; survey reveals young people's fluid sexuality

(Picture: AP)

Iraqi Slaves

Rescuing enslaved Yazidis in Iraq; Spitfires fly again at Battle of Britain commemoration; Gabon's President Ali Bongo gives away his inheritance

Photo: REUTERS/Umit Bektas

Massive Bomb Rocks Bangkok

Deadly blast hits one of Thailand's best-known shrines; Controversial Egyptian anti-terror measures; Why engineers want to mimic the silent flight of the owl

(Photo Credit: AFP)

Bangkok Explosion

A bomb exploded in the Thai capital, our correspondent tells us the latest. So what chance of making the South Sudan peace deal stick? Ambassador Princeton Lyman, the former US special envoy for Sudan and South Sudan is skeptical. A rare access to Osama Bin Laden's library of more than 1500 audio cassettes.

Maliki accused over fall of Mosul

Iraqi committee accuses Maliki over Mosul; anti-government protests in Brazil; civil rights leader Julian Bond remembered