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Hungary Tear Gas

Tear gas used on migrants trying to cross from Serbia into Hungary; when a whale falls on your kayak; big beer merger proposed, we discuss this in our local pub.

15/09/2015 GMT

Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.

European Borders Start Shutting

A German view on Schengen; using the internet to go on safari; piano recital on metro (Photo Credit: AFP)

Lebanese PM calls for aid

The Lebanese leader, Tammam Salam, calls for help in dealing with the Syrian refugees in his country; Tony Abbott ousted as Australian Prime Minister; How the food a mother eats at the time of conception could influence her baby later in life

(Photo credit: EPA)

More EU States Impose Border Checks

Hungary rolls out the razor wire and controls are imposed on some of Europe's internal borders in an effort to stop migrants; Mexico reacts to citizens killed on visit to Egypt's Western Desert; Have we reached an artificial intelligence tipping point?

(Photo: EPA)