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Dylann Roof appears in Charleston court

Charleston relatives speak to Dylann Roof of their pain and forgiveness; Can Russia help Greece? Why Iranian women can't watch mens' volleyball

(Photo credit: Centralized Bond Hearing Court of Charleston SC via AP)

Nine killed at historic African American church

Attack at Charleston church - shooter still at large; remembering the Battle of Waterloo 200 years later; the parenting secrets of nightingale song

(Photo credit: AP Photo/David Goldman)

UN Sexual Abuse Report

UN report critical of its own peacekeepers, Dr Gilbert of Gaza, Uganda's oil minister on managing the oil boom.

(Photo: United Nations logo, Geneva. Credit: Getty Images)

Greece deal warning

Greek EU future in doubt; Larkin in Poets' Corner; cryptic marriage proposal

EU ministers discuss migrant crisis

EU ministers discuss migrant crisis; Vogue China's editor on fashion and women in China; would Grexit be so bad?