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Recent Episodes

US Interest Rate Rises

First interest rate increase since 2006; Is the US failing poor, bright children?; The business of Star Wars

(Photo: US Federal Reserve raises interest by 0.25%. Credit: Reuters)

Peshawar School Attack One Year On

Survivors' lasting trauma; China internet conference; Christmas at CERN.

(Photo: Pakistani teachers and students hold burning candles during a vigil to pay tribute to the victims of the Peshawar school massacre of December 16, 2014. Credit: AFP)

LA Schools Close Following Security Threat

Police ordered to check all schools in LA area; Saudi alliance fights terrorism; Scientists & Bob Dylan

(Photo: Police cordon off premises to search Credit: AP)

Ceasefire Begins in Yemen

Yemen peace talks start; South China Sea drama; simulation funerals.

(Photo: A general view of the room at the opening of Yemen peace talks in Switzerland. Credit: AFP)

Obama: Hitting ISIL Harder Than Ever

President Obama says ISIL is being hit hard.

Star Wars Episode Seven... but is Star Wars overhyped?

Could FIFA's reputation be rescued by a former prisoner?

(Photo: President Barack Obama. Credit: Getty Images)

Surprise Defeat of French Far-Right

National Front fails to make regional election gains, crushing its hopes of a historic breakthrough; Western powers call for immediate Libyan ceasefire; Is secrecy surrounding the new Star Wars film all part of the hype?

(Photo shows: Far Right National Front party leader Marine Le Pen speaking after the results of the second round of the regional elections in France. Photo credit: AP)