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Afghan Court Spares Mob Killers

Four men who were handed the death penalty for their part in the mob killing of a woman in Kabul have had their sentences commuted. The Tunisian authorities have arrested eight people in connection with the deadly beach attack in Sousse in which 38 tourists were killed. The US has asked Switzerland to extradite seven former Fifa officials arrest in May as part of an investigation into corruption.

Greek PM offers new bailout concessions

Some Greek banks allow cash-strapped pensioners without bank cards to withdraw money; Islamic State militants attack Egyptian security forces in the Sinai Peninsula; Bangladesh assesses the impact of the Millennium Development goals.

Greece to Miss IMF Payment

Athens proposes new bailout plan; Boko Haram girls 'took part' in violence; folk star Shirley Collins at 80.

(Photo: A Greek flag billows on a flagpole. Credit: Reuters)

Greece doesn't pay IMF

Greece on the brink, Stiglitz blames Greece's creditors, UN on atrocities in South Sudan

Greek banks closed all week

The European Commission chief, Jean-Claude Juncker, says he feels 'betrayed' by the 'egotism' shown by Greece in the failed debt talks; Stock markets in Europe and Asia see big falls after Greece closes its banks; Lions are being transported from South Africa to Rwanda to replace those killed during the country's 1994 civil war.