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Russia Pardons Ukrainian Pilot

Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko lands in Kiev after being freed by Russia; Taliban announces Hibatullah Akhundzada as their new leader; Film recreates Vincent van Gogh's paintings.

(Picture: Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko talks to the media in Kiev. Credit: Gleb Garanich / Reuters)

Iraqis begin assault on Fallujah

Iraqis start Fallujah offensive; Eritrea marks independence; Ancient forest threatened

(Photo: A member of the Iraqi pro-government forces fires a rocket-propelled grenade launcher during an operation east of Fallujah. Credit: AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images)

Greece Moves Thousands of Migrants

Greece moves thousands of migrants from the Idomeni migrant camp near Macedonia; China uses pig cornea to help treat human blindness; smelly bats irk Aussie residents.

(Picture: An elderly woman waves as she is moved out of the Idomeni camp in Greece; Credit: Giannis Papanikos / AP)

Syria's 'Super Safe Havens' Attacked

Jableh and Tartous hit by multiple bombs; coping with losing a loved one in air crash; Austria gets a new president.

Picture: Men look at burnt Syrian pounds after explosions hit a bus station in the Syrian city of Jableh

Credit: REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki

Bombs Kill Dozens in Syrian Government Heartland

Islamic State group claims attacks in President Assad's coastal heartland; Obama says lifting Vietnam weapons ban removes vestige of the Cold War; Film producer Rebecca O'Brien on winning in Cannes.

(Photo: Syrians gather at the scene of a bombing in the city of Tartous. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Dead Heat in Austria's Presidential Run-Off

The result is too close to call in Austria's presidential run-off, where the far-right Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer and Alexander Van der Bellen of the Greens are vying to be the country's next head of state; Anger in Venezuela; Run DMC's Walk This Way 30 years later.

(Photo: Austrian Presidential candidates Alexander Van der Bellen (L) of the Greens and Norbert Hofer (R) of the Freedom party. Credit: Getty Images)