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North Korea: China Urges Neighbour to Stop Missile Tests

The Chinese foreign minister asks North Korea to make a smart decision and halt its nuclear and ballistic missile tests, after the UN voted in a new round of sanctions.

The head of international athletics has expressed disappointment, after the former drug cheat Justin Gatlin became world hundred metres champion. And we take a look at daily life in Venezuela.

(Photo: China Foreign Minister Wang Yi greets North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho, during a bilateral meeting in Manila. Credit: Reuters)

UN Security Council Unanimously Votes To Impose Sanctions On North Korea

The UN Security Council has voted unanimously to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea, following the regime's recent missile tests. Why did both Russia and China vote alongside the rest of the security council? We speak to the current British ambassador to the UN.

Also on the programme in Venezuela, the first act of the newly elected constituent assembly is to fire the country's attorney general. And Usain Bolt's final solo race.

(Picture: UN Security Council Credit: EPA)

Rwanda election: President Paul Kagame wins by landslide

Supporters of Rwanda's President Paul Kagame have been celebrating his landslide re-election. The electoral said partial results of Friday's election had given him 98% of the votes.

Scientists have warned that the effects of climate change could kill over one-hundred-and-fifty-thousand people a year in Europe by the end of the century. And Usain Bolt's stride.

(Photo: President of Rwanda Paul Kagame voting. Credit EPA)

Venezuela Opens New Assembly

President Nicolás Maduro welcomes a disputed new constituent assembly amid protests at home and criticism abroad. Also in the programme: the US attorney general vows crackdown on leaks; and half of India's languages are in danger of dying out.

(Photo: Members of the National Constituent Assembly participate in its first session at Palacio Federal Legislativo in Caracas. Credit: Reuters)

Venezuela's New Assembly to be Inaugurated

A new assembly in Venezuela that will have the power to rewrite the constitution is due to be sworn in. The opposition has called for a demonstration outside the parliament building in Caracas at the same time as the swearing-in ceremony. The country's prosecutor general has asked a court in the capital to suspend the inauguration of the controversial assembly. So where does the centre of power now lie in Venezuela?

Also in the programme: The life of Muslims in India 70 years after partition; and how to make washing machines greener...and lighter.

(Image: Government supporters participate in a rally in favour of the Constituent Assembly in Caracas. Credit: EPA/Nathalie Sayago)

Can Venezuela Return From The Brink?

As tensions continue to mount between the government and opposition in Venezuela - is a negotiated peace even still possible?

Also in the programme: the case of the teenager who sent text messages to her boyfriend encouraging him to commit suicide; and the Vietnamese oil executive who disappeared in Berlin amid kidnapping claims.

(Photo: the entrance of the Caracas house of Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez who was arrested this week. Credit: Getty Images)