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Latest on Investigation into London Attack

Police say they will release the identity of the London attackers "as soon as operationally possible".

Also on the programme: six Arab nations sever ties with Qatar; and opening statements begin today in Bill Cosby's highly anticipated sexual assault trial.

(Image: Forensic officers continue their work along Borough High Street following the June 3rd terror attack. Credit: Getty Images)

London Bridge Attack Investigation

In the programme: the latest on the police investigation into the London Bridge attack; eyewitness accounts of what happened; reactions from senior politicians; and an assessment of what more can be done to prevent radicalisation in cyberspace.

(Photograph shows British armed police guarding a closed road near Borough Market. Credit: European Photopress Agency)

London Attack: Theresa May Says 'Enough is Enough'

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has said that at least seven people have been killed and nearly fifty injured in what she described as "a brutal terrorist attack" in central London. A white van hit pedestrians on London Bridge on Saturday night, then three men got out and stabbed people in nearby Borough Market.Three suspects, at least one of whom was wearing a fake explosive vest, have been shot dead by police.

Mrs May said Thursday's general election will go ahead in spite of the country's third terror attack in as many months. The main British parties have temporarily suspended their election campaigning.

We hear eyewitness testimony, the latest on the ongoing investigation and discuss the political reaction in the UK.

(Image: Armed police officers arrive at London Bridge. Credit: Chris J Ratcliffe/AFP/Getty Images)

Deadly Blasts at Kabul Funeral

The Chief Executive of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, survived attacks by suicide bomber at a funeral in Kabul, but several other people were killed. Also in the programme: how California is putting money into renewable energy technology despite President Trump's pull-out from Paris climate agreement; and an alphabet that combines Hebrew and Arabic.

(Photograph shows Afghan men examining the belongings of blast victims. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

India's Modi in Paris for Talks with Macron

The new French president, Emmanuel Macron, meets the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, in Paris for talks that are likely to be dominated by discussions on climate change.

Also in the programme: nearly a hundred people have died in Kabul, the Afghan capital, this week as a result of violence; and a new targeted treatment for ovarian cancer has shown "very promising" results.

(Photo: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks with French President Emmanuel Macron, in the garden of the Elysee Palace following their meeting in Paris. Credit: AFP/Getty Images.)

Obama's Former Environment Boss Condemns Trump

Former Environmental Protection Agency boss Gina McCarthy condemns President Trump's decision to back out of the Paris agreement on climate change. We have a round-up of reaction around the world to the move.

Also in the programme: South African president Jacob Zuma finds himself under fire from ANC colleagues over his relationship with the wealthy Gupta family; the man leading the prosecution into Brazil's 'Car Wash' corruption scandal.

(Image: Former US President Barack Obama with former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarth in Flint, Michigan on 4th May 2016. Credit: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images))