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US Deploys Missile Defence System in South Korea

The move, which comes after North Korea fired missiles into the sea off Japan, has angered China.

Also in the programme: the growing row between Germany and Turkey, and learning to swim in Zanzibar

(Photo:THAAD interceptor missile is launched during a successful test. Credit: US Department of Defense, Missile Defense Agency/ via Reuters)

Trump Signs New Immigration Order

The new executive order place a ninety day ban on people from six Muslim-majority nations, a 120-day ban on all refugees and will take effect on 16 March. Also in the programme, France's Republican party backs the embattled Francois Fillon, and who would pay $1.5 million for the car in which rapper Biggie Smalls was killed?

(Photo: President Donald J. Trump waves as he walks across the South Lawn towards the White House. Credit: Erik S. Lesser-Pool/Getty Images)

Who Will Investigate Trump Wiretap Claims?

FBI director James Comey is believed to have rejected Donald Trump's claim that his predecessor, Barack Obama, ordered a wiretap of his phone before he was elected US president.

Also on the programme: The former French Prime Minister, Alain Juppe, says he will not re-enter the presidential race and remembering the Zeebrugge ferry disaster.

(Photo: U.S. President Donald Trump on the phone. Credit: AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

Francois Fillon Will Not Step Down

France's conservative presidential candidate Francois Fillon tells French television he will not pull out of the race, despite an impending criminal investigation into payments he made to members of his family for alleged fake jobs.

Also on the programme: street protests in Belarus over a so-called "social parasite tax". And international cricketers return to Pakistan after almost a decade.

(Photo: Francois Fillon delivering a speech on stage during a rally at the place du Trocadero in Paris. Credit: Geoffroy van der Hasselt/AFP/Getty Images)

Fillon Support Rally in Paris

Supporters of the French conservative Francois Fillon gather in a last ditch attempt to rescue his bid for the presidency. Will the rally be enough for his party to believe in him?

Also in the programme: Mexico City's Mayor tells us why President Trump isn't being a good neighbour. Chinese Premier warns of slower economic growth

(Photo shows: People take part in a rally to support French presidential election candidate for the right-wing Les Republicains party Francois Fillon on the Trocadero plaza, opposite the Eiffel Tower. Photo Credit: GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT/AFP/Getty Images)

China Announces Increase in Defence Spending

China says it will increase military spending by about 7% this year in order to "preserve peace and security" in the region. Also, President Trump accuses former US President Barack Obama of tapping his phones, and does Uber use secretive software?

(Photo: A member of the Chinese military. Credit AP)