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Tunisian Police Response to Sousse Attack 'Shambolic'

UK Coroner's inquest into tourist killings criticises Tunisian police.

Also in the programme: Taiwan commemorates 70 years since '228 Incident'; What would you see on a trip around the moon?

(Picture: Man prays after laying flowers on Marhaba beach where 38 people were killed on June 28, 2015 in Sousse, Tunisia. Credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

White House to seek a $54 billion increase in military spending

President Trump plans what he's calling an "historic" increase in military spending. Also in the programme, Israel's holocaust museum asks Amazon to ban holocaust denying literature and how peace in Colombia has led to a baby boom among the FARC guerrillas.

(Photo: Two US Navy officers walk past the US Navy's new guided missile destroyer DDG 1000 USS Zumwalt. Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Forces Clash in Syria During Anti-Islamic State Group Operation

Turkish backed rebels and the Syrian Army have turned their guns on one another near the northern town of al-Bab. The opposing forces had been fighting against the Islamic State group. Also in the programme, farce and celebration at the Oscars and recruiting Hungary's 'border hunters'.

(Photo: A Syrian man looks at a damaged building in the north-western border town of al-Bab. Credit: Nazeer al-Khatib/AFP/Getty Images)

Nokia Resurrects The 3310, A Pre-Smartphone Classic

Are we about to see a comeback in the highly competitive mobile phone world? Ahead of the phone industry's big annual meeting, Nokia has unveiled three new smartphones. But it was the reissue of an old model that got the most attention.

Also on the programme: A ceremony in the Polish city of Krakow, as the son of a top Nazi official returns three works of looted art - we hear his story.

And a special report from South Sudan, where the UN says five million people are in urgent need of food.

(Photo: The revamped version of the Nokia 3310. Credit: Reuters)

Marchers Remember Kremlin Critic Nemtsov

Hundreds of supporters of the murdered Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov have gathered to commemorate his killing two years ago. If he had become president after the death of his mentor Boris Yeltsin, what sort of president would he have been?

Also in the programme: one-hundred years on since the first recording of the first commercial jazz recording; and how skiing is going green in Chamonix.

Photo: People march in memory of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov in Moscow. Credit: AP/Ivan Sekretarev)

White House Briefing Bar 'Doomed to Failure'

Media groups have reacted angrily after several outlets were excluded from an informal briefing with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. We discuss the significance of the bar with the deputy executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Also in the programme: The Benedictine monk saving manuscripts from war and theft; and is the famous Brazilian carnival becoming less bawdy?

(Photo: White House spokesman Sean Spicer holds a press briefing. Credit: Reuters/Carlos Barria)