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UN proposes peace resolution for Syria

UN agrees draft resolution endorsing a peace process in Syria; Mother Teresa to be made saint after Pope recognises a second miracle; Star Wars breaks box office records on its first night

(Photo: UN headquarters in New York. Credit: AP)

Syria's Opposing Sides

Syrian government and opposition speak; Europol intelligence sharing; Spain's election on a knife edge.

Picture shows a poster of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad in the streets of Homs. (Credit: Omar Sanadiki/Reuters)

NH Extra: Reaching for the Stars

What does the future hold for human space exploration? With more countries getting involved and costs falling, increasingly ambitious projects are being proposed. Is a permanent base on the Moon feasible? Are there vast mineral resources to be harvested in space? Will our descendants be forced to abandon planet Earth to live elsewhere? Join Owen Bennett Jones and his panel of extra-terrestrial experts – including science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson – as they discuss humanity’s future in space.

This week's contributors: Lord Martin Rees, British Astronomer Royal; Dr Jill Stuart, specialist in space politics at the London School of Economics; Monica Grady, Professor of Planetary and Space Sciences at the Open University; Dr David Parker, chief executive of the UK Space Agency.

(Picture credit: NASA)

IMF chief faces trial for alleged negligence

Christine Lagarde to stand trial in France for alleged negligence when she was finance minister, one of world's top football managers Jose Mourinho fired by Chelsea, and Gangnam Style creator has new song

(Christine Lagarde Credit:AFP)

17/12/2015 GMT

Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.

US Interest Rate Rises

First interest rate increase since 2006; Is the US failing poor, bright children?; The business of Star Wars

(Photo: US Federal Reserve raises interest by 0.25%. Credit: Reuters)