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Will Senators Support Healthcare Bill?

Republican Senators in the US have released their proposals to replace Obamacare, but some have already said that they cannot back the draft bill. The legislation affects tens of millions of Americans and nearly a fifth of the US economy.

Also on the programme: US President Donald Trump says he did not make secret recordings of ex-FBI chief James Comey, despite an earlier hint to the contrary; and free sanitary towels for Kenyan schoolgirls

(Photo: Healthcare worker taking blood pressure. Credit: Getty Images)

Who is Saudi Arabia's New Crown Prince?

Saudi Arabia's king has appointed his son Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince - replacing his nephew, Mohammed bin Nayef, as first in line to the throne.

Also on the programme: Iraqi forces say IS has blown up al-Nuri mosque in Mosul ; and how are perfumes changing?

(Picture: Prince Mohammed bin Salman (left) replaces prince Mohammed bin Nayef (right) as crown prince: Credit: EPA)

Saudi King Changes Heir to Throne

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has ousted his nephew, Mohammed bin Nayef, from his role as crown prince, appointing his son, Mohammed bin Salman, as first in line to the throne. The move consolidates the power of 31-year-old bin Salman, whose rapid ascent to power has shaken up the country’s royal family.

Also in the programme: MoDem, a party allied to the French president, Emmanuel Macron, vows to continue supporting his government after three of their ministers are sacked; UK government scales back its legislative programme after Conservative party loses its majority in parliament.

(Photo: Mohammed bin Salman (L) and Mohammed bin Nayef (R). Credit: EPA)

Trump Slams North Korea After US Student's Death

US President Donald Trump has called North Korea a "brutal regime" after the death of the US student, Otto Warmbier, who had been jailed there for more than 15 months.

Also on the programme: a dramatic eyewitness account from a survivor of the forest fires in Portugal ; and Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho is accused of tax fraud.

(Picture: US student Otto Warmbier. Credit: Reuters)

‘Hundreds’ Killed in DRC Ethnic Violence

The United Nations says hundreds of people have been killed in ethnic violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo's central Kasai province over the past three months.

Also in the programme: Barclays and four former executives charged with fraud over their actions in 2008, during the financial crisis; Far-right extremism in the UK.

(Photo: Volunteer brings daily food rations for Internally Displaced Persons at a camp for people fleeing the conflict in the Kasai Province in Kikwit. Credit: AFP)