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Socialists Defeated in Venezuela

Defeat for Venezuela's Socialists; French far right triumphs; Syrian government accuses US of killing soldiers in an air strike.

(Photo: Humberto Lopez, a Venezuelan Che Guevara impersonator, reacts to the ruling party's defeat. CREDIT: Reuters)

It's election day in Venezuela

Newshour's Tim Franks brings us a flavour of opinion in Venezuela as voters go to the polls, US President to address the nation; Why typos can cost you your job

(Photo: Venezuelans queuing to vote Credit: LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images)

French President Welcomes Draft Climate Agreement

Draft Climate Deal Agreed; Tim Franks in Venezuela ahead of vote; Treasure-laden Galleon found off the coast of Colombia

(Photo: Smoke coming from a factory Credit: CHINA OUT AFP PHOTOSTR/AFP/Getty Images)

Can America Learn from Australia's Gun Laws?

President Obama says getting guns 'too easy' in the United States; talking to IS; sunken treasure found off Colombian coast.

Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

San Bernardino Attack 'Act of Terror'

FBI says indications that San Bernardino attackers were radicalised; London Maoist cult leader convicted of rape and imprisonment; Syrian rebel general rejects working with Assad

(Picture: Weapons carried by the suspects in Wednesday's mass shooting in San Bernardino.

Credit: AFP/Getty Images)