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Putin's Party Wins Majority in Parliament

Exit polls give victory to United Russia in Duma elections; Closing day of Paralympics; Obama: "personal insult" if African-Americans don't vote for Clinton

Russian President Vladimir Putin casts a ballot at a polling station during a parliamentary election in Moscow. Picture credit: Sputnik/Kremlin/Alexei Druzhinin via Reuters

Kashmir Attack

17 Indian soldiers killed at army base; NY explosion; Air rage; Winnie the Pooh is 90

Child Euthanasia

Should sick children be granted the right to die if they wish? US coalition warplanes bomb Syrian army positions in north-eastern Syria; reflections on the life of US playwright Edward Albee from his personal assistant.

Summary Executions in the Philippines

Essay from Aleppo; Norway's controversial wolf cull; When soul and country come together; Mexico's creepy-crawly cuisine

(Picture: Mr Duterte at news conference, pointing finger Credit: EPA)

EU's Migration Challenge

European Union plan to stop illegal migration; one of Brazil's best-loved TV actors, Domingos Montagner, drowns; world's oldest man to have Bar Mitzvah 100 years late

(Picture: EU leaders depart a working session at a meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia. Credit: Getty Images)

After Brexit: EU Leaders' Summit, Without Britain

27 EU leaders meet in Bratislava; Calls for the Mexican President to resign; Nigel Farage replaced as leader of UKIP.

(Photo: German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks to the press in Bratislava ahead of a meeting of EU leaders. Credit: Getty Images)