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Trump to Decide on Climate Deal Next Week

US President Donald Trump has refused to reaffirm his country's commitment to the Paris climate accords in a meeting of leaders of the G7 nations in Italy. President Trump tweeted from Italy that he would be making a decision next week.

Also in the programme: BA cancels thousands of flights due to electrical failure and the latest from Mosul.

(Photo: G7 leaders in Italy. Credit: EPA)

G7 Talks On CIimate Change Deadlocked

Leaders of the seven leading industrial nations are holding the final day of their summit in Italy; reports say talks seem to be deadlocked on many issues. But there appears to be more unity on tackling terrorism.

As President Trump's first foreign trip comes to an end, we speak to Ben Rhodes, President Obama's foreign policy adviser.

Also on the programme: the former Polish foreign minister, Radek Sikorski, on the death of Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter's national security adviser and Cold War warrior -- and we go Kazakhstan where China is funding a $250 million railway hub in an effort to revive ancient trading routes.

(Photo: G7 leaders meeting in Sicily. Credit: Getty Images)

26/05/2017 GMT

Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.

Gunmen in Egypt Kill Dozens of Coptic Christians

Gunmen in Egypt have killed dozens of Coptic Christians in an attack on a bus carrying them to a monastery in the south of the country.

Also in the programme: President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is reported to be under scrutiny by the FBI, and Aboriginal Australians call for reform after a conference at Uluru.

(PHOTO: Worshippers at a Coptic Church, CREDIT: EPA)

Trump: Nato Allies Must Pay Up

President Trump has addressed NATO leaders in person for the first time, telling them that they must honour their financial obligations to the defence organisation. We speak to Lithuania's foreign minister.

Also in the programme: the sex slaves of al-Shabab; America's top diplomat in London condemns leaks to the US media about investigations into the Manchester bomb attack; academics discuss Prince's 'Purple Reign'.

(Photo: Donald Trump delivers a speech as NATO heads of governments listen during the unveiling ceremony of the new NATO headquarters in Brussels. Credit: AFP)

Manchester Bombing Intelligence Leaked to US Media

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, says she will make clear to President Trump that shared intelligence must remain secure when she meets with him at the NATO summit in Brussels on Thursday. Pictures from the ongoing investigation into the bombing of a music concert in the British city of Manchester were leaked to the New York Times on Wednesday - a move that is said to have angered British officials.

Also in the programme: NATO Secretary General announces that the military alliance will join the anti-IS coalition; Two previously unseen Sylvia Plath poems have been uncovered

(Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May walks to deliver a statement outside 10 Downing Street in central London on May 23, 2017 after an emergency meeting of the Cobra committee in response to a deadly suspected suicide bombing in the northern city of Manchester. Credit: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images)