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Protests Against US Police Killings

Protests continue in the United States over the fatal shooting of a black man by police in Minnesota; The field to become British Prime Minister narrows down; Priest sentenced to jail in Vatican trial.

(Picture: Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton, speaks following police shooting death of a black man. Credit: Getty Images)

US Police Shootings

Two US police shooting incidents provoke anger; Iraqis reflect on the decision to remove Saddam Hussein; a female Iron Man, or maiden

(Photo: Protests against the police killing of Alton Sterling in the US town of Baton Rouge Credit: Getty Images)

Chilcot: The UK's role in the Iraq War examined

What conclusions can be drawn and what lessons can be learned from the political, military, diplomatic and legal concerns of the 2003 invasion? And then Prime Minister Tony Blair responds.

(Photo: A US soldier watches the statute of Saddam Hussein pulled down in Baghdad, 2003 Credit: Reuters)

The UK Iraq Inquiry

Sir John Chilcot has delivered his long-awaited verdict on Britain's involvement in the Iraq war. We hear from; Lord Williams, Phillippe Sands on the legal consequences and the view from America with Stephen Hadley.

Picture: Detail of a declassified handwritten letter sent by the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair, to George Bush, former President of the United States, is seen as part of the Iraq Inquiry Report presented by Sir John Chilcot.

Credit: REUTERS/Jeff J Mitchell

FBI Recommends No Charges Against Hillary Clinton

The Democrats' presidential candidate set to avoid any indictments over the use of her personal email account to deal with classified information while Secretary of State; The use of Nelson Mandela's words by South Africa's opposition sparks a political row; Would you clone your dead pet?

(Photo: Clinton checks her phone at the opening of the Libyan Conference in 2011. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/WPA Pool/Getty Images)