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Kenyan mall reopens

Westgate mall open again in Nairobi; Greece deal "has failed"; Queen Nazi salute film

Merkel challenged on refugees

A 14-year-old Palestinian girl has defended the way the German leader dealt with her after she burst into tears while talking about her future. Angela Merkel was criticised for appearing to be unsympathetic when Reem Sahwil described what her life was like under threat of deportation; Exactly a year after the downing of a Malaysian airliner over rebel-held eastern Ukraine, the families of the Dutch victims held a private ceremony to commemorate those killed; Organisers of a music festival in Transylvania in northern Romania are offering festival goers discounts if they donate blood before buying tickets (Photo: BBC).

Memorials Mark One Year Since Downing of MH17

Remembering the MH17 tragedy over Ukraine that killed nearly 300 people, China grapples with how to build a sustainable future, Angela Merkel offers a refugee an awkward hug.

Obama launches penal reform effort

President Obama has launched an effort to reform US penal policy with a visit to a prison in Oklahoma; Four US marines have been killed in a gun attack on two naval bildings in Tennessee; Islamic State says it struck an Egyptian naval vessel off the mediterranean coast of Sinai with a missile. Image: Reuters

Japan to send troops abroad

Japan military will fight overseas for the first time since WW2; tourists detained in China; mindfulness in schools, does it work?

(PHOTO: Civic group members protesting in Tokyo against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's controversial security bills.