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China Urges Washington and Pyongyang to Act Cautiously

China has urged Washington and Pyongyang to be cautious with their words and actions after the two sides stepped up their rhetoric over North Korea’s weapons programme. Earlier, US Defence Secretary James Mattis said diplomacy was gaining results and war would be "catastrophic".

Also in the programme; why is the outgoing prime minister of Pakistan holding rallies from Islamabad to Lahore? And, a former president of Brazil warns the US not to overthrow President Maduro of Venezuela.

(Photo: Chinese newspapers feature front page photos of US President-elect Donald Trump. Credit: Getty Images.)

Modern Day Slavery In The UK

Modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK is "far more prevalent than previously thought," the National Crime Agency has said. So how can you identify victims who are often hidden in plain sight?

Also in the programme; reporting from Hindu communities in south east Pakistan 70 years on from the birth of the Muslim majority nation and; the curious case of people who confessed to murders they did not commit because they had lost trust in your own memory.

(Picture posed by a model. File photo of a woman sheltering looking scared on a bed. Modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK is much more prevalent than previously thought, with cases affecting "every large town and city in the country", the National Crime Agency (NCA) has said. Credit: Paul Faith/PA Wire)

North Korea's Guam Missiles Threat

North Korea says it will complete a plan to land missiles near Guam by mid-August then wait for approval from leader Kim Jong-un.

Also on the programme: Kenyans are waiting to find out the official result of their general election; and could vitamins reduce the number of miscarriages and prevent birth defects?

(Picture: US service personnel based on Guam. Credit: AFP)

Kenya's Electoral Commission Dismisses 'Hacking'

Kenya's electoral commission has dismissed opposition claims that its computers were hacked to manipulate Tuesday's presidential election results. We hear from opposition leader, Raila Odinga who has rejected provisional results that put Kenya's current president Uhuru Kenyatta in the lead.

Also on the programme: Pleas to re-open Yemen's main airport; War of words continues between US and North Korea

(Photo: Officers of Kenya's electoral commission inspect ballot boxes in Nairobi. Credit: Epa/Kabir Dhanji)

US Sends "Strong Message" to North Korea

The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says President Trump's comments that North Korean threats would be met with "fire and fury" are a "strong message" to Pyongyang - which says it is considering a missile strike on the US Pacific territory of Guam.

Also in the programme: Kenya's presidential challenger Raila Odinga has rejected as fake election results that hand victory to the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta, and the contamination scandal that has led to millions of eggs being recalled from supermarkets in Europe.

Photo: A US bomber takes off from the Andersen Air Base on Guam. Credit: Getty Images.

Zuma Survives No-confidence Vote

South African President Jacob Zuma narrowly survives the latest vote of no-confidence, despite it being held as a secret ballot. Also in the programme: can Kenya avoid violence in the aftermath of the elections? And has North Korea successfully miniaturised nuclear warheads?

(Photo: South African President Jacob Zuma. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)