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Recent Episodes

Sinjar Falls to Kurds

Kurds take Sinjar from the Islamic State group; Greenland glacier warning; Homeopathy row.

(Photo: Destruction in Sinjar. Credit: AP)

Deadly Beirut Explosions

Heavy casualties in Beirut blasts; Kurds advance on Sinjar; Venezuela drug charges

EU-Africa Migrant Plan

EU plan for Africa migrants; Senegal climate change; olive oil fraud taste test.

Picture shows migrants in Calais protesting against the threat of deportation.

(Credit: Regis Duvignau/Reuters)

Myanmar's rulers congratulate opposition

Myanmar's president ready to hand over power; Europe seeks African support on migration; Crocodiles as prison security guards

Photo credit: AFP photo / Romeo Gacadromeo Gacad / AFP / Getty Images

"Stunning success" with meningitis A vaccination

WHO reports big drop in meningitis A deaths; Helmut Schmidt dies; BETAMAX tapes no more

Picture: Syringes for use in vaccinations

Credit: Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images