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Theresa May Says Liberal Interventionism Must End

British Prime Minister tells US that the era of Western military intervention is over. Theresa May will become the first foreign leader to visit President Donald Trump.

Also in the programme...How the Mexican wall could affect trade; Al-Shabab inflict heavy blow on Kenyan army; Why young girls think they can't be geniuses.

(Photo: Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May addresses Joint Republican Issues Conference in Philadelphia. Credit: REUTERS)

26/01/2017 GMT

Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.

British Premier Prepares for Trump Meeting

The British Prime Minister Theresa May prepares to become first foreign leader to meet US President Donald Trump. But Mr Trump's comments supporting torture could make Mrs May's visit more difficult.

Also in the programme: Does anxiety and depression increase the risk of dying from cancer? And the Williams sisters - Serena and Venus - are due to meet for their 9th Grand Slam tennis final.

(Photo: British Prime Minister Theresa May. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Trump Signs Executive Order To Begin Mexico Wall

President Trump has signed an order to build a wall on the US border with Mexico, one of his main campaign promises.

Also in the programme: interview with the North Korean diplomat turned defector, a new film on the perils of social media for young people and we hear from two survivors of the avalanche in Italy last week that killed twenty-five people.

(Photo: Trump signing executive orders, one to begin the process of building a wall along the US-Mexico border. Credit: Getty Images)

North Korea Defector: 'People Will Rise Against The Regime One Day'

A high-profile North Korean defector tells the BBC he believes Kim Jong-Un's regime will be defeated one day by a people's uprising.

Also on the programme: Violent jihadists launch a fatal attack on a hotel in Somalia's capital Mogadishu. And celebrations in Japan as a home-grown Sumo wrestler wins the top prize.

(Photo: North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un during a combat drill of the Korean People's Army. Credit: Getty Images)

British Government Loses Brexit Appeal

The British government says it will introduce legislation within days to start the formal process of leaving the EU.

Also in the programme: interview with the celebrated Turkish novelist, Asli Erdogan, on her four and half months in jail, on charges of spreading propaganda, and extra letters added to bug genetic code.

(Photo: Lead claimant Gina Miller speaks outside the Supreme Court in Parliament Square following a majority ruling against the government. Credit: Getty Images)