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German Chancellor in Turkey

Angela Merkel to visit Turkish refugees; Shakespeare remembered; electric car race in Paris.

Photograph shows people walk on a main street as banners with pictures of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu are seen at the background in Gaziantep, Turkey. (Credit: Reuters)

Historic Climate Change Deal Signed

Climate Change treaty signed by more than 165 countries at the UN in New York, but will it be ratified?; President Santos of Colombia calls for the legalisation of drugs; Owen Bennett Jones on combating the Zika virus in Texas

Photo shows John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, carrying his granddaughter Isabelle Dobbs-Higginson, 2, after signing the Paris Agreement on climate change at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Photo credit: European Photopress Agency

Paris Climate Change Deal Signed

More than 165 countries commit to implement the major agreement on climate change; Obama weighs in on the EU referendum; What to do with Prince's 'vault' of unreleased material?

(Photo: An iceberg in the western Antarctic peninsula. Credit: AFP / Eitan Abramovich / Getty Images)

The Singer Prince Dies Aged 57

American singer Prince dies at home in Minnesota aged 57; Volkswagen agrees to buy back hundreds of thousands of cars in the US; And baking the Queen's birthday cake.

(Photo: Prince performing near Paris in 2011. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations

The Queen goes walkabout on her 90th birthday; the future of the monarchy discussed; mapping the Zika virus

(Photo: the Queen on her 90th birthday Credit: Getty Images)

Obama In Riyadh

With President Obama in Saudi Arabia for talks with King Salman, just how much does the US need the Middle East country; China's space plans and who is Harriet Tubman and why could her face be everywhere?

(Photo credit: Reuters)