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France's President Macron Inaugurated

Speaking at the Elysee Palace, France's new President, Emmanuel Macron, said his country had to find answers to the great crises of the time, including migration, terrorism, the excesses of capitalism and climate change. Also in the programme: North Korean missile test, and Bob Marley's Exodus at 40.

(Photo: President Macron waves as he parades in a car after his formal inauguration ceremony. Credit: AFP/Etienne Laurent)

Global Hack: 125,000 Systems Affected

Many thousands of computers in about 100 countries have been hijacked by the WannaCry ransomware. Experts are still trying to recover data. But how can organisations protect themselves?

Also in the programme: Eurovision gets underway and the miracle children of Fatima.

(Picture: A hooded man holds a laptop computer as cyber code is projected on him in this illustration picture. Credit: Reuters)

Europol says cyberattack "unprecedented"

The European police agency Europol says that the cyber attack which struck organisations around the world on Friday is unprecedented in scale. About a hundred countries have reported problems, with Russia thought to have been among the hardest-hit. Also in the programme: Eurovision countdown, and experiences of prostitution in Northern England - as told by the sex workers themselves.

(Photo: A programer shows a sample of a ransomware cyberattack on a laptop in Taipei, Taiwan, 13 May, 2017. According to news reports, a "WannaCry" ransomware cyber attack hits thousands of computers in 99 countries encrypting files from affected computer units and demanding 300 US dollars through bitcoin to decrypt the files. Credit: EPA/Ritchie B. Tongo)

POTUS Warns Sacked FBI Director

Donald Trump says fired FBI Director James Comey had "better hope there are no 'tapes' of our conversations", after suggestions that the two had discussed 'loyalty' to the president over dinner in late January. Deputy Assistant to President Trump, Sebastian Gorka, responds to criticisms that the Commander-in-Chief was effectively threatening Mr Comey.

Also in the programme, a massive ransomware campaign appears to have infected a number of organisations around the world. And Iran's presidential candidates clash in their final televised debate ahead of next week's vote.

(Photo: President Trump speaks at the White House on Friday, May 12. Credit: Getty Images)

Trump: 'I Would Have Fired FBI Chief Anyway'

Forty-eight hours after the president fired the FBI director, the questions only grow. Can Mr Trump provide the answers?

Also on the programme: After the release of the Chibok girls in Nigeria, what can be done to help them recover from life under Boko Haram?

And when doctors should smell danger: What losing your sense of smell could indicate.

(Photo: Former Director of the FBI, James Comey. Credit: Getty Images)

Russia Investigation: Senate Orders Flynn to Hand Over Papers

US senators investigating links between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and Russia have issued a subpoena to the former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Our correspondent in Washington assesses the likelihood of an independent investigation into the alleged links.

Also on the programme: The French president-elect Emmanuel Macron chooses his party's candidates for parliament; And why Russia is suspicious of Pokemon Go.

(Image: Former national security adviser General Michael Flynn. Credit: Reuters/Carlos Barria)