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Texas Special

Religion & citizenship in Texas; Palmyra arch recreated; icy moon Europa.

Photograph shows Republican presidential candidate, Sen.Ted Cruz, R-Texas speaks during a rally. (Credit: Associated Press)

Dozens Killed in Attack on Afghan Capital

Kabul blast; Voting underway in crucial New York primary; 360-degree online streaming.

(Photo: Several injured people in a Kabul hospital. Credit: AP)

18/04/2016 GMT

Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.

Brazil President's Impeachment Battle Goes to Senate

Supporters of the Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff say they will continue to fight the impeachment proceedings against her; Interview with Iran's foreign minister on Syria; and Louisiana sinking.

Picture: Demonstrators celebrate after the lower house of Congress voted to proceed with the impeachment of Brazil"s President Dilma Rousseff (Credit: Reuters)

Brazil Impeachment Vote

Brazilian Congress votes on impeachment proceedings against President Rousseff; Death toll rises in Ecuador earthquake; Axl Rose to replace AC/DC lead singer on world tour

(Picture: Brazilian Congressmen demonstrate to show their support or opposition to the vote to impeach President Rousseff; Credit: Reuters)

Dozens Killed By Earthquake In Ecuador

Dozens killed by Ecuador's most powerful earthquake in decades. Final polio eradication push begins across the globe with new vaccine. And a brief history of underwear exhibition opens in London.

(Picture: People stand on the debris of a building in Manta, Ecuador. Credit: REUTERS/Patricio Ramos)