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Recent Episodes

'Thousands' of Canadian Indigenous Women Murdered, Missing

Canada to investigate missing indigenous women; Apple rejects order to unlock San Bernardino gunman's phone; cash crisis in IS-controlled Raqqa .

(Photo: Canada's Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett. Credit: Reuters)

Aid Convoy Set for Syria

One hundred trucks with aid ready to go; China missiles; love hotels in Paris

Pope Francis in Mexico's most Dangerous State

Pontiff celebrates mass in Michoacan; former UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali remembered; why are Sikhs always the butt of jokes in India.

(Photo: Pope Francis waves upon arrival at Francisco J. Mujica airport in Morelia, Michoacan State, Mexico. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

A Syrian Voice in Madaya

A besieged resident of Madaya on Syrian aid; blood cancer breakthrough; Eagles of Death Metal return to Paris.

(Photo: Vehicles from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent drive in a convoy to Madaya. Credit: AFP /LOUAI BESHARALOUAI BESHARA/AFP/Getty Images)

US Condemns Deadly Airstrikes at Syrian Hospitals

MSF: Syria hospital strike deliberate; Saudi Arabia deradicalisation; China manufacturing in Ethiopia.

(Photo: Picture showing destruction and rubble at an MSF-supported hospital in northern Syria. Credit: European Photopress Agency/MSF)

New Unity Government for Libya

New unity government announced in Libya; Tim Franks investigates graduate unemployment in Ethiopia; Recriminations over bombed Syrian hospitals.

(Photo: The shadow of a protester is reflected on Libyan flags during a demonstration in Tripoli on June 1, 2012. Credit: GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP/GettyImages.)