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Trump Jr's Russia Links

President Trump's eldest son has released a chain of emails showing he was offered "sensitive" information on Hillary Clinton from a Russian lawyer ahead of last year's presidential election. Also in the programme: Brazil's labour reform; and Chairman Mao's handwritten notes sold at auction.

(Photograph shows Donald Trump Jr. Credit: EPA)

How Much Did Donald Trump Jr Know?

When Donald Trump Jr had a private meeting with Russian officials, did he know they were offering to help the Trump campaign?

Also in the programme: a new vaccine against the sexually-transmitted disease, gonorrhoea; and are the Kurds seeking a truly independent state?

(Photo: Donald Trump Jr campaigning for his father in Las Vegas ahead of the elections last year Credit: Getty Images)

Mosul Retaken

Iraq's Prime Minister has formally declared victory over so-called Islamic State in the city of Mosul. What's next for the militant group? Also in the programme: Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo's lawyer calls for him to be allowed to leave China for cancer treatment; and India's sanitary tax.

(Photograph shows Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announcing victory over Islamic State in Mosul. Credit: Reuters)

'Thousands' Harmed in Mosul Battle

The Iraqi Government says the Islamic State group has been largely driven from the city of Mosul, ending years of occupation. But experts fear many civilians died during fierce fighting to free the city.

Also: China's trillion-dollar investment in the "New Silk Road"; and an album of drawings by 18th-Century English artist Thomas Gainsborough has been discovered at Windsor Castle.

Picture: The rubble-strewn Mosul skyline after months of fighting. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Iraq PM Declares Victory In Mosul

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi has visited Mosul to congratulate Iraqi forces for their "victory" over IS in the city. We hear from our correspondent in Mosul.

Also in the programme: A major opposition rally in Istanbul has become the biggest protest seen in Turkey since last year's failed coup, and Morocco's "4000 year-old rock'n'roll band”.

(Photo: Iraqis gather and dance at the Tahrir Square in Baghdad, celebrating liberation of Mosul. Credit: Getty Images)

Turkey Protest March

Huge crowds have joined a 450 kilometre anti-government march from Ankara to Istanbul. It has been organised by the opposition CHP party and was prompted by the imprisonment of one of their MPs.

Also in the programme: A ceasefire in south-western Syria, and Russia's Bolshoi theatre cancels a ballet about Rudolf Nureyev.

(Photo: Turkish protest march, July 8, Credit: Getty Images)