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Recent Episodes

China warehouse death toll rises

Chinese helping each other out in Tianjin following two major explosions in a warehouse; Tamils say they are still being tortured in Sri Lanka; An app to identify birdsong.

China's Currency Weakens Further

Yuan hits four-year low; Amnesty details Syrian 'war crimes' in Damascus suburb of Ghouta; Kiran Ghandi the runner who went with the flow. (Picture AFP/Getty Images)

China blast

Massive explosions in China; A Jewish reporter in Iran; Robots building baby robots

Interview with Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu

Turkey pushes for Syria 'safe zone'; Why Indian CEOs are good; Man plans to swim Pacific.

(Photo: Syrian refugees arrive at the Turkish border. Credit: AFP)

Rwanda Spy Chief Extradition Fails

Britain frees Rwanda's top spy; US consulate attacked in Turkey; Lettuce in space.

PHOTO: General Karenzi Karake (AFP).