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Security Council to Discuss Syria Resolution

Russia asks UN to approve the ceasefire in Syria it has brokered with the help of Turkey. The Security Council is expected to discuss the resolution later on Saturday.

Also on the programme: remembering the last king of Rwanda who died this October; and hospitals in The Netherlands plan to build bigger rooms for obese patients.

(Photo: A street in Aleppo, Syria, a day after the announcement of a ceasefire deal. Credit: EPA/STR)

Russia US Hacking Row

Donald Trump praises President Putin as "very smart" for not expelling any US diplomats in response to Washington's decision to throw out thirty-five Russians. Republican congressman Will Hurd defends President Obama's sanctions.

Also on the programme, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jody Williams sign letter to UNSC decrying peresecution of Rohingya in Myanmar; Congo deal reached to end President Kabila's term; and Polish government buys da Vinci at bargain price.

(Photograph shows US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Putin Rules Out Expulsion of US Diplomats

Russian President Vladimir Putin has rejected a call to expel 35 US diplomats in retaliation for a similar move by Washington.

Also on the programme: what might have been in the minds of the Chinese leadership before the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989; and a choir made of people living with HIV.

(Photo: US Embassy in Moscow, Russia. Credit: AP)

29/12/2016 GMT

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Ceasefire in Syria announced

Russia and Turkey backed ceasefire announced in Syria; The life of Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds: Writer George Orwell to get a statue at the BBC.

(Picture: Overturned tank in East Aleppo. Credit: Reuters)

Is the Two-State Solution Dead?

US Secretary of State John Kerry defends US approach to Israel after UN vote on settlements and warns that a two-state solution is in serious jeopardy. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expresses deep disappointment over the speech and condemns it as biased.

Also on the programme: Russian anti-doping agency denies admitting to existence of doping operation; starvation threat in Nigeria; and a Congolese musical journey.

(Photograph shows US Secretary of State John Kerry delivering remarks on Middle East peace. Credit: Getty Images)