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Reports: South Sudan Clashes Leave Scores of Soldiers Dead

Two days of fighting reported in Juba; Obama denies that America is divided after Dallas; Gay marriage in UK churches: Williams's two Wimbledon titles in one day

(Picture: Gunfire erupted shortly after Mr Machar (L) and Mr Kiir met on Friday Credit: AFP)

Protests And Vigils After Dallas

Demonstrations across the US and details from the shooting of police officers; Heavy gunfire in Juba, five years after independence for South Sudan; The UK row over leadership and motherhood.

(Photo: Vigil in front of Dallas Police headquarters following the shooting of five officers Credit: Dallas Morning News / AP)

Five Police Killed In Dallas Shooting

Congresswoman on race & policing; Polish view on Brexit; protest on social media.

Photograph shows Dallas Police Chief David Brown pausing at a prayer vigil following the deaths of five police officers during a Black Live Matter march in Dallas, Texas. (Credit: Getty Images)

Dallas Police Shootings

Snipers shoot dead five police officers at a rally against police killings of black people; suspect told police he wanted to "kill white people"; Russia tells NATO not to escalate hostility

(Photo: Police respond to Dallas shootings Credit: AP)

Protests Against US Police Killings

Protests continue in the United States over the fatal shooting of a black man by police in Minnesota; The field to become British Prime Minister narrows down; Priest sentenced to jail in Vatican trial.

(Picture: Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton, speaks following police shooting death of a black man. Credit: Getty Images)

US Police Shootings

Two US police shooting incidents provoke anger; Iraqis reflect on the decision to remove Saddam Hussein; a female Iron Man, or maiden

(Photo: Protests against the police killing of Alton Sterling in the US town of Baton Rouge Credit: Getty Images)