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Netherlands ordered to cut emissions

In a world first a Dutch court has ordered the government to cut greenhouse emissions by 25% by 2020; French anger at alleged US spying on senior government ministers; Are racehorses getting faster?

(Pic: AP)

US Confederate Flag debate

Virginia governor removes flag from state licence plates; Inside Yemen; US to revise hostage policy.

Photo: EPA/John Taggart

Rwandan general arrested in Britain

The Rwandan government says the arrest in Britain of its intelligence chief Karenzi Karake on a war crimes indictment issued by a Spanish court is an insult; The former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich says he accepts some responsibility for the deaths of protesters in 2014; Kurdish fighters have taken the last sizeable town north of Raqqa in Syria, the de facto capital of the so-called Islamic State. Image: Getty Images

Afghan Parliament Bombed

Taliban claim suicide bombing in the Afghan Parliament; Taylor Swift says no to Apple's plan for three months of free music streaming; British seaside sounds sought for database

(Photo: Afghan MPs scrambling to safety. Credit: Afghani MP Naqibullah Faiq)

Deal or no deal for Greece?

Greece debt talks go to the wire; Berlin's Philharmonic Orchestra elects Kirill Petrenko as its conductor; South Caronlina's governor says the confederate flag should come down

Greece 'heading for a deal'?

New Greek debt proposals ahead of key meeting; Charleston church reopens after deadly shooting; Solstice in the Arctic and Antarctic

(Photo: REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis)