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Kenyans Vote in General Election

People are voting in Kenya's general election amid fears that the result could trigger communal violence. President Uhuru Kenyatta called for unity, saying he would accept the result, and urged his rivals to do the same.

Also in the programme; 'Dodgy' greenhouse gas data threatens Paris accord and; the summer blockbuster that's broken China's all-time box-office records.

(Picture: An elderly Maasai lady votes at a polling station in Saikeri, Kajiado West County. Credit: Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images)

Secret Ballot for Zuma's No-confidence Vote

South African MPs will vote in secret on a motion of no-confidence in President Jacob Zuma, but will enough ANC politicians vote to remove him from office? Also in the programme: Iran signs deal with Renault; and how could a nuclear war start on the Korean peninsula?

(Photo: South African President Jacob Zuma. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

North Korea Condemns Latest Sanctions

Chinese and North Korean foreign ministers meet at an Asia-Pacific summit in Manila, where the US Secretary of State is seeking support for greater isolation of North Korea.

Also in the programme: government troops in South Sudan take control of rebel HQ, and the Russian athletes competing as "authorised neutrals" at the World Championships in London.

Photo: North Korea launches an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile in August 2017; Credit: KCNA via AFP

Venezuela Repels "Terrorist" Attack

Rebels attempt an uprising at a military base in Valencia 160km west of the capital, Caracas. The unrest comes a day after a new assembly with supreme powers and loyal to President Nicolas Maduro started functioning in the country.

Also in the programme: the angry chef on food fads and Israel bans Al Jazeera

(Picture: Anti-government activists stand near a barricade burning in flames in Venezuela"s third city, Valencia, on August 6, 2016. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

North Korea: China Urges Neighbour to Stop Missile Tests

The Chinese foreign minister asks North Korea to make a smart decision and halt its nuclear and ballistic missile tests, after the UN voted in a new round of sanctions.

The head of international athletics has expressed disappointment, after the former drug cheat Justin Gatlin became world hundred metres champion. And we take a look at daily life in Venezuela.

(Photo: China Foreign Minister Wang Yi greets North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho, during a bilateral meeting in Manila. Credit: Reuters)

UN Security Council Unanimously Votes To Impose Sanctions On North Korea

The UN Security Council has voted unanimously to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea, following the regime's recent missile tests. Why did both Russia and China vote alongside the rest of the security council? We speak to the current British ambassador to the UN.

Also on the programme in Venezuela, the first act of the newly elected constituent assembly is to fire the country's attorney general. And Usain Bolt's final solo race.

(Picture: UN Security Council Credit: EPA)