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Is Donald Trump Experiencing a Change of Heart?

Is Donald Trump backtracking on Obamacare? A return to the Bataclan, scene of coordinated attacks a year ago; UK's first dementia-friendly opera opening in Scotland.

(Picture: Donald Trump at a campaign rally. Credit: Getty Images)

Finding Team Trump

The challenges of appointing a new administration; India's currency plan; remembering Leonard Cohen

(Photo: President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Pence with House Speaker Paul Ryan on Capitol Hill Credit: Getty Images)

Trump meets Obama

President-elect Trump and President Obama meet for the first time; Voters in West Virginia explain why they voted for Trump; Can America's political tribes heal the wounds of the decisive election campaign?

(Image: President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump meet in the Oval Office of the White House on 10th November 2016. Credit: EPA/Michael Reynolds)

US Protesters Vent Anger Over Trump Victory

As Trump prepares to meet Obama, his opponents have been demonstrating their anger; Why Pennsylvania voters hope Trump can help them; New research helps paralysed monkeys walk.

(Photo: Protestors rally against Donald Trump outside Trump Tower in New York. Credit: Getty Images)