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Recent Episodes

Istanbul Rocked by Deadly Blast

Turkey: Istanbul blast caused by Syria-linked suicide bomber; inside El Chapo's secret hidout; doctors' strike in England.

(Photo: Turkish police block roads after a blast in central Istanbul. Credit: AFP)

Aid reaches Syrian town

An international aid convoy carrying desperately-needed food, medical supplies and blankets has arrived in the besieged Syrian town of Madaya; migrants at a Calais refugee camp begin moving to new semi-permanent accommodation with heating and electricity; musicians and fans from around the world have been paying tribute to one of the biggest names in pop music - David Bowie - who has died.

David Bowie Remembered

Music legend David Bowie dies aged 69; Syria Madaya crisis; Spain royal trial.

Picture shows David Bowie performing in a BBC concert in 2002. (Credit: BBC)

Hollywood Star's 'El Chapo' Scoop Slammed

Sean Penn criticised over his Mexican drug baron interview; Catalonia's new standard bearer for independence; Golden Globes preview

(Photo- Actor and director Sean Penn. Credit: BBC)

France remembers attack victims

Paris commemorations; Gay Anglicans urge Church to repent for discrimination; Tarantino's Panavision

Political fallout from Cologne protests

Demonstrators clash over Germany's immigration policy; French mosques open their doors to offer coffee and pastries; The UN hopes to deliver aid to the besieged town of Madaya in Syria

(Photo: Police ranks opposite right-wing demonstrators in Cologne. Credit: AP / Oliver Berg)