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08/06/2016 GMT

Interviews, news and analysis of the day’s global events.

California Primaries: Who Will Win?

The battle for the decisive Democrat primaries; a Hindu priest murdered in Bangladesh; and what is the Windsor Hum?

(Photo: Hillary Clinton speaks in Long Beach, California; Credit: Reuters)

Istanbul Bomb Blast

Car bomb on a police bus in the Turkish capital kills over 10 people; New blood test to find effective medication for depression; Football legend Pele auctions his possessions

(Photo: Emergency services work at the scene of a bomb attack on a police bus in istanbul; Credit: European Photopress Agency)

Euro 2016 'Terror Plot'

Frenchman arrested in Ukraine; Jesus' tomb site renovated; Banksy's giftt to school

(Photo description: An SBU video showed the moment of arrest on the border with Poland. Credit: Getty)

Gene Editing Breakthrough

How the technique CRISPR will change our lives; Australia battered by storms; How sales of the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli is funding the Taliban.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Louisville prepares for Ali's funeral

Ali's appeal to young black activists; Eyewitness describes the latest fighting in Syria's Aleppo; What Proust means in today's France.

(Picture: The Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Credit: Brendan Smialowski/AFP)