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Recent Episodes

North Korea Sanctions

United Nations votes to impose toughest sanctions yet on North Korea; Eddie Izzard on 27 marathons in 27 days for charity, and as a homage to Nelson Mandela; Bob Dylan's secret archive to go on show in Tulsa.

(Photo: Kim Jong-un visits factory in Pyongyang; Credit: Reuters / KCNA)

Clearing 'The Jungle' in Calais

Tear gas and clashes in the migrant camp; Prosecuting destruction of heritage as a war crime; Health professionals at the heart of town planning.

(Photo: Migrants sit on the roof of their makeshift shelters as police secure the Jungle migrant camp during its demolition in Calais. Credit: EPA/Yoan Valat)

Getting Aid into Syria

Agencies aim to capitalise on the cessation of hostilities in Syria; Demolition starts in the 'Jungle' in Calais; One man's plan to sail a whale across the Atlantic.

(Photo: Children play in a rebel held area of Damascus as fighting halts under the 'cessation of hostilities' agreement. Credit: EPA/Mohammed Badra)

Power Shift: "Moderates" Victory in Iran

A tilt in the balance of power in Iran - conservatives may have lost their parliamentary majority; "Aligarh": The Bollywood movie about homosexuality; freed journalist vows to continue his criticism of the Turkish government.

(Photo: Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani)

Iran Elections

President Rouhani's allies make big gains in Iran elections; Hillary Clinton wins in South Carolina; China's black market for 'corpse brides'.

Photograph shows Iranian President Hassan Rouhani waves after casting his vote during elections in Tehran. (Credit: Reuters)