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Syrian rebels leaving the city Homs

Syrian rebels leave Homs; German neo Nazi trial; Could Rwanda suffer similar unrest as Burundi?

(Pic: Aid workers help the evacuation from the al-Wair district of Homs; Credit: AFP)

Trump Swings Back at his Critics

Donald Trump defends his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States as the White House says it disqualifies him from the US presidency; fierce fighting between the Afghan government and Taliban in Kandahar; Russia broadcasts 60 hour marathon of classic novel War and Peace.

(Photo: Donald Trump. Credit: BBC/Lex Ballantyne)

Trump Defiant on 'Muslim Ban'

Donald Trump says US should 'ban Muslims'; Who's who at the Syria talks in Saudi? Vegan bodybuilding.

Picture shows Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a campaign rally on 7th December 2015. (Credit: Mic Smith / AP Photo)

Socialists Defeated in Venezuela

Defeat for Venezuela's Socialists; French far right triumphs; Syrian government accuses US of killing soldiers in an air strike.

(Photo: Humberto Lopez, a Venezuelan Che Guevara impersonator, reacts to the ruling party's defeat. CREDIT: Reuters)

It's election day in Venezuela

Newshour's Tim Franks brings us a flavour of opinion in Venezuela as voters go to the polls, US President to address the nation; Why typos can cost you your job

(Photo: Venezuelans queuing to vote Credit: LUIS ROBAYO/AFP/Getty Images)