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Cuba's Fidel Castro dies aged 90

International reaction to the death of Cuba's long-serving revolutionary leader.

(Picture: Fidel Castro, 2004 Credit: Getty Images)

Why Football Sex Abuse Happens

How abusers of young footballers got away with it for so long; Turkey's anger at European Parliament snub; dirty underwear used in protest

(Photo: A football Credit: Thinkstock)

Football Abuse Victims Speak Out

A child sex abuse scandal engulfing British football has seen more former players come forward as victims; Film retelling of Soviet war tale sparks controversy in Russia; Black Friday debate.

(Photo: Paul Stewart, David White, Steve Walters and Andy Woodward (left to right) have gone public with their ordeals. Credit: Getty Images)

UN Accuses Myanmar of Pushing Out Rohingyas

Myanmar accused of forcing Muslims to flee; a possible vote recount in a key US state; footballers talk of being sexually abused as children.

(Photo: Rohingya Muslims forced to flee their homes in Myanmar. Credit: BBC)

Ukraine EU Summit

Ukraine FM on Trump administration; Aleppo's 'friendly' football; Mexico female traffic cops.

Photograph shows President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Peace in Colombia?

Colombian government and FARC rebels to sign new peace agreement and submit it to congress; Washington state youth sue government for failing to protect them from climate change; Christians in northern Iraq seek protection following Islamic State group retreat.

(Photo: People march for peace in Bogota after the Colombian government and the Marxist FARC rebels signed a new and revised peace deal to end 52 years of civil war. Credit: Diana Sanchez / AFP / Getty Images)