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Consensus Reached On EU-Canada Deal

Belgian political leaders reach a consensus on Ceta trade deal between the EU and Canada; Rwanda's legendary silverback Gorilla missing; Colombia suspends peace talks with rebel group ELN.

(Photo: Anti-Ceta protester in Brussels. Credit: Getty)

World Wildlife Population Fall

WWF report: 60% fall in wildlife populations since 1970; South Sudan's lost generation; US voters with disability

(Photo: A Rupper"s Griffon Vulture stretches its wings in its enclosure at London Zoo, in London. Credit: AP/Alastair Grant)

Nato Expands its Baltic States Presence

Nato beefs up military presence in the Baltic states to deter Russia; Anti-government protests in Venezuela amid crisis; Nintendo cuts profit outlook despite Pokémon Go popularity.

(Photo: British Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer HMS Duncan, and its Wildcat helicopter as it shadows the Russian Carrier Task Group; Credit: EPA)

On the Frontline Near Mosul

Day 10 of IS stronghold offensive; US elections in Colorado; How parenting affects autism

(Photo: Iraqi forces move towards Mosul. Credit: AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

2016 Deadliest Year on the Mediterranean

Record numbers of refugees and migrants are dying on the Mediterranean; Vatican to open Argentina's 'Dirty War' files relating to the Catholic church's role under the military dictatorship; Man Booker prize winner announced.

(Photo: Migrants wait to be rescued by members of Proactiva Open Arms NGO in the Mediterranean Sea, north of the Libyan coast. Credit: Aris Messinis / AFP / Getty Images)

Cadets and Guards Killed in Pakistan Attack

Dozens killed at Quetta police college; London's Heathrow airport expansion approved; 20 years of Tomb Raider

(Photo: Pakistani mourners gather around the coffins of some of those killed in an attack on a police training college in Quetta. Credit: BANARAS KHAN/AFP/Getty Images)