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Athletes Voice Anger Over Plans To Wipe World Records

Leading athletes have expressed outrage that many of their world records could lose official status under radical new anti-doping proposals from European Athletics. Also on the programme: the British Prime Minister sets out her approach to Brexit. And the problem of tooth decay across Africa.

(Photo: British former athlete Jonathan Edwards faces losing his 1995 triple jump record under proposed new rules. Credit: Getty Images)

Le Pen Accused of Speech Plagiarism

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has been accused of plagiarising a speech made by defeated rival François Fillon, but was it plagiarism or homage? Also in the programme: could Britain make trouble for EU if Brexit negotiations don't go its way? And, scientists decode the genome of the tea plant.

(Photograph shows French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. Credit: Reuters)

Emmanuel Macron Calls for EU Reforms

The front-runner in the French presidential election has told the BBC the European Union must reform or face the prospect of "Frexit" - the French equivalent of Britain's Brexit. At the start of the final week before Sunday's second round of voting, we'll hear the latest from the campaigns of Mr Macron and his rival, Marine Le Pen.

Also on the programme: The Indian minister handing out wooden bats to women to use them as weapons if their husbands turn abusive. And we speak to the head of the Organization of American States as Venezuela's opposition and government call for another day of protests.

(Image: Emmanuel Macron. Credit: Reuters/Philippe Wojazer)

Trump Hoping for China Pressure on North Korea

The White House says that President Trump will be speaking today to the leaders of Singapore and Thailand about the threat North Korea poses of massive nuclear destruction in Asia. Mr.Trump has been talking about his own strategy for dealing with the crisis in a wide-ranging TV interview marking his first one hundred days in office.

Also in the programme: Iranian TV mogul shot dead, and a university course on Dolly Parton.

(Photo: US President Donald Trump. Credit: Eric Thayer-Pool/Getty Images)

CEO of an Iranian TV Channel Shot Dead in Turkey

Saeed Karimian, the founder and chairman of the Persian-language TV company, Geo TV, has been killed in Istanbul.

Also: One of the world's most famous climbers, Ueli Steck has died in a mountaineering accident; and how Dolly Parton's America has now become a University course. (Picture: Iranian CEO Saeed Karimian. Credit: Saeed Karimian)

EU Agrees Stance on Brexit

27 European leaders agree negotiating stance on Britain's exit from the EU, and call for a serious British response on guaranteeing reciprocal citizens' rights after Brexit. Also: French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen gains backing of Arise France party, and the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner - without President Trump.

(Photo: General view during special European Summit in Brussels, Belgium, 29 April 2017. Credit: EPA/OLIVIER HOSLET)