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Ceremonies commemorate 7/7 victims

London marks the 10th anniversary of Islamist bomb attacks; WHO accused of failures in Ebola crisis; Dress code in Morocco

Merkel and Hollande call for proposals from Greece

The French and German leaders, Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel, call on Greece to present proposals to end its debt crisis; Unease grows in India over at least 25 deaths apparently related to a recruitment scandal in the state of Madya Pradesh; Conservationists react with dismay as Zimbabwe exports elephants to China;

Greece votes NO

Greece rejects bailout terms; NO camp celebrates; government promises to 'heal' wounds.

Picture Reuters

Greek referendum

Greeks vote on EU bailout; 'blood antiques' from IS-held region; Tunisian killer's mother

Greece ready for bailout vote

Greek referendum; Tunisia state of emergency; man behind modern cheerleading.

Picture by Reuters.