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Setback for Yarmouk Deal

Evacuation of fighters on hold in Yarmouk; Cecil Rhodes statue controversy; physics for non-physicists

(Photo: Yarmouk has seen fierce clashes, bombardment and siege since early in the war Credit: Getty Images)

Kicked out of China for Uighur coverage

French journalist forced from China; A troubled deal in Yarmouk, Syria; One of the world's most in-demand sitar players on his ensemble of blind musicians.

(Photo: An ethnic Uighur man plays with his grandson in the old district of Kashgar city. Credit: Reuters / Carlos Barria)

Archbishop Warns IS Threat to Christianity

Christians face Middle East elimination; Erdogan stops suicide; Newshour quiz.

(Photo: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, delivers his Christmas Day sermon at Canterbury Cathedral. Credit: Getty Images)

Newshour's Quiz of the Year 2015

Razia Iqbal and Tim Franks pit their wits against Rebecca Kesby and James Menendez. James Coomarasamy keeps order.

Deal for Militants' Withdrawal from Damascus Suburbs

UN-brokered Syria deal; Russia and India strike nuclear deal; Christmas carol origins.

(Photo: In April, IS militants based in Hajar al-Aswad overran much of the Yarmouk refugee camp. Credit: Amaq)