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Ceasefire Begins in Yemen

Yemen peace talks start; South China Sea drama; simulation funerals.

(Photo: A general view of the room at the opening of Yemen peace talks in Switzerland. Credit: AFP)

Obama: Hitting ISIL Harder Than Ever

President Obama says ISIL is being hit hard.

Star Wars Episode Seven... but is Star Wars overhyped?

Could FIFA's reputation be rescued by a former prisoner?

(Photo: President Barack Obama. Credit: Getty Images)

Surprise Defeat of French Far-Right

National Front fails to make regional election gains, crushing its hopes of a historic breakthrough; Western powers call for immediate Libyan ceasefire; Is secrecy surrounding the new Star Wars film all part of the hype?

(Photo shows: Far Right National Front party leader Marine Le Pen speaking after the results of the second round of the regional elections in France. Photo credit: AP)

Climate Deal Agreed: What Next?

The deal is done in Paris: what next? Libya unity talks; Kazakhstan rocket rolls out.

Picture: Environmentalists take part in a bicycle ride to show solidarity for the global movement for climate justice in Manila.


Special Coverage of Paris Climate Agreement

As 195 countries approve COP21 deal on curbing climate change, we get the latest reaction and analysis from the Paris talks.

(Photo shows: The French President Francois Hollande, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and UN climate chief Christiana Figueres celebrating the adoption of the COP21 final agreement in Paris. Photo credit: EPA)

Historic Climate Deal Reached in Paris

Landmark deal to curb climate change and limit temperature rises to 1.5 per cent, also why it matters for small island nations like St Lucia; Women vote for the first time in Saudi local elections