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Macron Elected French President

Emmanuel Macron has been elected as France's president. What challenges now await him?

Also in the programme: IS leader in Afghanistan killed; Churchill's favourite spy and South Korea goes to the polls.

(Picture: This photo shows front pages of Belgium newspapers displaying photos of French president-elect Emmanuel Macron. Credit: AFP PHOTO/EMMANUEL DUNAND)

Newshour: The French Presidential Election

We report live from Paris at the conclusion of one of the most closely fought elections in decades. As exit polls come in, we'll have reaction from across France and around the world, to a result that will have profound implications for Europe and for the UK’s Brexit negotiations.

(Image: French president-elect Emmanuel Macron. Credit: AFP/Getty Images).

French voters cast ballots for a new president

Voters in France are casting their ballots to decide if Marine Le Pen or Emmanuel Macron will be their next president.

Also in the programme: 82 Chibok schoolgirls released by Boko Haram arrive in the Nigerian capital Abuja. And the Italian coastguard rescues 6000 migrants in the Mediterranean in 48 hours.

(PHOTO: French presidential candidates Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. CREDIT: Reuters)

France Election Hacking

French President François Hollande vows 'response' to hacking attack targeted at presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron on the eve of election. Also in the programme: Dutch football sex abuse; and Syrian migrants trapped between Algeria and Morocco.

(Photograph shows a French election poster. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

French presidential election campaign targeted by hackers

As voters in France prepare to vote in the country's presidential election, Emmanuel Macron's campaign is targeted by hackers.

Also in the programme: A Kenyan athlete runs a marathon in 2 hours and 24 seconds, and the people of the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu who worship Prince Philip.

(PHOTO: Emmanuel Macron campaigning for the French presidency. CREDIT: Reuters)

Candidates Wrap up French Election Campaign

Newshour's James Coomarasamy reports from Lyon as the French prepare to vote in presidential elections on Sunday

Also in the programme: a friend's tribute to Somalia's youngest ever minister who's been shot dead in Mogadishu, and traffic lights for smart phone users

(Photo: An electoral card next to ballots for the French presidential election candidates at a polling station in Rennes, western France Credit: AFP)