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A Step Towards Peace in Colombia

Colombia and Farc rebels reach ceasefire agreement; gun protest in US Congress; apology after Japan porn coercion claims

(Photo: Graffiti reading 'Peace for the people' in Cali, Colombia Credit: Getty Images)

Is Colombia's 50-Year War Ending?

Ceasefire agreement in Colombia; Syria rescuers' tribute; McIlroy pulls out of Rio

Photo: Graffiti with the sentence "Peace is ours" in Bogota. Credit: Guillermo Legaria, AFP/Getty Images

Final day of campaigning in the EU referendum

How do Europeans view the UK EU referendum? Indian satellite launch, Irish football fans charm the world in Euro 16.

(Picture: EU Rally in Manchester Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty)

What would Brexit mean for the economy?

What does the uncertainty over Brexit mean for the UK and global economies?; When a training course turns to corporal punishment, the punishment goes viral; The Bollywood star who said he felt like a 'raped woman'

(Photo: A one euro coin and one pound coin Credit: Getty)

Trump Dumps Campaign Manager

The presumptive Republican US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has sacked his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski; The United Nations refugee agency says the number of people forced to leave their homes and become refugees around the world has reached a record level; British painter and decorator Colin Bidwell was one of the tourists caught up in last year's attack by a lone gunman in the Tunisian resort town of Sousse. Thirty-eight people were killed when the man opened fire on the beach, in an attack later claimed by the so-called Islamic State. Colin and his wife had been regular visitors to Tunisia - and they wanted to return to Sousse to try to find some healing.

(Photo: Corey Lewandowski; Credit: Getty Images)

Sixty-Five Million People Displaced

UN releases highest figures ever for refugees and migrants; EU citizens give their thoughts on Brexit; Solar Impulse starts Atlantic crossing.

(Photo: Afghan refugee labourers in Islamabad Credit: Aamir Qureshi/AFP/Getty Images)