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Recent Episodes

British MPs Clash Over Syria Airstrikes

UK to vote on bombing; China troops in Africa; Mark Zuckerberg to give away $45bn.

(Photo: The UK parliament debates extension of fight against the Islamic State group. Credit: BBC)

NH Extra: Editing the Human Genome

Remarkable new techniques for ‘editing’ DNA – chemically cutting and splicing sections of genetic code – are revolutionising research in laboratories around the world. The potential for eradicating hereditary diseases is enormous. But are the benefits outweighed by the risks involved? And should these techniques ever be used on humans? On Newshour Extra this week, Owen Bennett Jones and his panel of expert guests discuss the scientific and ethical consequences of this latest research, and ask whether mankind should be tinkering with our genetic inheritance.

German Cabinet Backs Syria Campaign

Germany plans to join anti-IS mission; Man City's China deal; Public Enemy hitch a ride.

(Photo: Germany"s Foreign Minister Steinmeier, Defence Minister von der Leyen and Chancellor Merkel. Credit: Reuters)

COP21: Climate Talks Open in Paris

World Bank President's climate plan; demobilisation centre for ex Farc guerrillas; Soviet comedy film giant Eldar Ryazanov dies.

(Photo: World leaders pose for a group photo at the COP21 climate talks in Paris. Credit: AP)